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Mia Sara

Mia Sara

Mia sara is a woman in this world with a name that means “pure gold” in Italian. She works with crystals and maintains a blog where she shares her love and appreciation of ancient gemstones and how they work in healing and mood balancing.



She also played the part of Molly Connor in The Impossible Elephant (2001). Her television roles have included playing Annie Knox in the science fiction series Time Trax (1993–94) and Dr. Harleen Quinzel in the short-lived WB Network series Birds of Prey. (Source: en.wikipedia.org "Mia Sara Biography". Movies & TV Dept. The New York Times. Baseline & All Movie Guide. 2013. Archived from the original on October 26, 2013. Retrieved January 3, 2012. (Source:en.wikipedia.org w

Sara's resume actually started becoming a bit spotty after her 1996 wedding to Jason Connery (yes, the son of Sean), per IMDb. The marriage produced one child — and a divorce — but her second marriage to Brian Henson (the son of Muppets creator and puppeteer, Jim Henson) seems to be what really spawned her retirement from acting. After giving birth to a second child in 2005, Sara only logged five more credited acting roles in her career. In a 2010 interview with Total Film, Sara described herself as "mostly retired." She was 43 years old at the time.

“After twenty-five exhausting years as a film and television actress (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Legend, Time Cop, A Stranger Among Us, Jack and The Beanstalk: The Real Story), I took up writing as a way to survive night shoots,” says Mia Sara. “It sort of worked. Now it’s words that keep me up all night. I live in Los Angeles, but I miss my hometown, New York City, every single day.” (Source: www.unf.edu Mia Sara got her acting breakthrough in 1985 playing princess Lilli in a Ridley Scott fairy tale film titled Legend. However, her role as Sloane Peterson in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986 was one that put her on the map and set the tone for her acting career. In 1987, she appeared in a miniseries called Queenie, and in 1992 she had a role in a Sidney Lumet directed film called A Stranger Among Us. In 1994 she starred alongside Jean Claude van Damme in a movie called Timecop, which was a blockbuster. For her role in the film Timecop, she won the Saturn Award For Best Supporting Actress. In 2001 she landed the role of Molly Connor in the movie The Impossible Elephant. She has also had stints in television series such as the science fiction show Time Trax where she played Annie Knox. She also appeared as Dr. Harleen Quinzel in the short-lived series Birds of Prey. (Source:tvovermind.com))

As mentioned above, Ferris Bueller was the role that shot the star to stardom. She went ahead to book many roles in her career. However, according to AOL, Mia Sara is mostly retired from acting now. She currently has a full-time job, and it involves being a devoted mother to her two children. She stated that her role as Sloane on Ferris Bueller is mostly embarrassing for her children. You would think that even after 30 years after her most iconic role, she would still be recognized. She, however, noted that she occasionally gets a few people who walk up to her and recognize her, but most don’t know where they saw her from. She stated that most times, people always think they went to high school with her. Sara even wrote a poem called ‘Not Your High School Girlfriend.’ She stated that she was allowed to keep her iconic white fringed jacket after the show wrapped up production. She has since mis

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She also worked in many other television shows such as Judith Krantz's ‘Till We Meet Again’ and ‘Big Time’ in 1989, ‘Daughter of Darkness’ in 1990 and in ‘Call of the Wild’ during 1993 where she played Loretta Young. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com Her film ‘Timecop’ in 1994 with Jean-Claude Van Damme, became successful after a long time but unfortunately the success faded out soon. (Source:www.thefamouspeople.com))ating a case, he finds his leads pointing towards Senator Aaron McComb. (Source: www.throughtheclutter.com)placed it, though. (Source:She appeared in some good TV series, such as ‘Time Trax,’ ‘Bullet to Beijing,’ ‘Lost in Oz,’ and ‘Birds on Prey.' But by the turn of the century, her career took a down turn as she appeared in some films, which were commercial and commercial failures. (Source:


www.throughtheclutter.com www.rogerebert.com))Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen Marie writes: my art pal Siri Arnet sent me following - and holy cow! "Japanese artist Takanori Aiba has taken bonsai trees, food packaging, and even a tiny statue of the Michelin Man and constructed miniature metropolises around these objects, thus creating real-life Bottled Cities of Kandor. Explains Aiba of his artwork:"My source of creations are my early experience of bonsai making and maze illustration. These works make use of an aerial perspective, which like the diagram for a maze shows the whole from above (the macro view) while including minute details (the micro view). If you explore any small part of my works, you find amazing stories and some unique characters."


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