Mega lopunny

Mega lopunny


Lopunny is a bipedal, rabbit-like Pokémon with a dark brown fur and a short, round tail. It has pink eyes with black markings on the inner edge, long tufts of cream-colored fur above its eyes, and a small, pink nose. Its long ears, which bend shortly above its head, end in fluffy, cream-colored fur. Lopunny is very proud of these ears and never fails to groom them. If the ears are roughly handled, Lopunny will kick in retaliation. Its head, body, and hips are covered in dark brown fur, while its wrists and lower legs are covered in fluffy, cream-colored fur similar to its ears. Lopunny appears to be a brown rabbit with yellowish-gold fluff hanging from its ears along with a tall body. Along with that, yellowish-gold fluff are on its arms covering it along with their bottom part of their legs and their entire feet. It also appear to have red eyes with black white coatings.


Originally encountered in the Sinnoh region of Gen IV, Lucario is an excellent counter for Mega Lopunny. Lucario will take double damage from Fire and Fighting type attacks, so it won't last terribly long in this fight, but it will do a lot of damage while it's kicking. Another downside is that Lucario is still pretty difficult to get and power up. Its first stage, Riolu is a relatively rare hatch from Eggs (10KM Eggs at that) so many players don't have one yet. Still, if you're bringing Lucario along, you'll want Counter and Aura Sphere for the moveset. (Source: www.imore.com)

Pound has 2.5 DPT (Damage Per Turn) and 2 EPT (Energy Per Turn), while Low Kick has 2 DPT and 2.5 EPT. Both of these moves are objectively bad on both metrics, but at least Low Kick has better coverage and allows Lopunny to charge its moves a bit faster. Fire Punch (55 Power/40 Energy) is a fairly good move that comes out fairly fast, while Focused Blast (150 Power/75 Energy) hits hard, but takes a small forever to charge, especially with how slow Lopunny's charged moves are. (Source: gamepress.gg)

Since countering Lopunny in Pokemon GO comes down to utilizing Fighting-type moves and Pokemon, the list of counters should be pretty straightforward. Players should expect to utilize Fast Moves such as Counter, Low Kick, and Karate Chop, along with Charge Moves such as Focus Blast, Dynamic Punch, Close Combat, and Aura Sphere.

Trainers really only have to worry about Mega Lopunny’s Fighting-type attacks. It has access to Low Kick (Fast Attack) and Focus Blast (Charged Attack) that can put a dent into any Pokemon that doesn’t resist it. Mega Lopunny’s Normal moves like Pound (Fast) and Hyper Beam (Charged) won’t pose too much of a threat especially if you use a Pokemon like Metagross that resists them, but those attacks are powered up thanks to same type attack bonus so be wary.

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