Matt Lauria:

Matt Lauria:

Matt Lauria:

at) is an American actor and musician. He made his television debut on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock in 2007. He is best known for his roles as Luke Cafferty on the NBC/DirecTV drama Friday Night Lights, Ryan York on the NBC family drama Parenthood, and starred as Ryan Wheeler on the Audience drama Kingdom. (Source:t LauMatt Lauria is perhaps best known to audiences for his role as ‘Luke Cafferty’ on “Friday Night Lights.” Most recently, he co-starred opposite Juno Temple in Sky TV’s original series “Little Birds” in the UK; opposite Hailey Steinfeld in the Apple series “Dickenson”; and on the Paramount+ series “Tell Me A Story.” For four years, Lauria starred in the critically acclaimed drama “Kingdom.” His additional television credits include Shawn Ryan’s “The Chicago Code,” Jason Katims’ “Parenthood” and “Lipstick Jungle,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” on the Network, “Burn Notice,” “The Forgotten,” “Traitors,” “30 Rock” and the ‘February’ episode of “Down” from Hulu/Blumhouse. (SouBy joining TV Guide, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. (Source:rce:riaMatt Lauri

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Matt Lauria entered the entertainment business with very little acting experience and ended up emerging as a genuine scene-stealer. The theater-trained actor began making waves in Hollywood with supporting roles on television and in independent features before making his mark on the beloved drama series "Friday Night Lights" (NBC/DirecTV, 2006-2011). Lauria delivered a breakout performance on "Friday Night Lights" as a well-mannered yet misunderstood high school athlete. After two seasons on the critically acclaimed show, the actor found himself on new turf with a starring role as an eager young cop on Fox's short-lived "The Chicago Code" (2011). With so much talent and charm, it did not take long for Lauria to land a featured part on the primetime hit "Burn Notice" (USA Network, 2007-13), where he guest-starred as a discharged soldier whose intelligence and drive strikes similarities with the show's central character (Jeffrey Donovan). Taking on a variety of roles in such a short span of time established Lauria as one of Hollywood's brightest talents and showcased his potential to carry bigger projects later in his career.

Matt Lauria

Matthew Lauria is an American actor, and musician who portrays Luke Cafferty on the Friday Night Lights television series.

All three seasons of the MMA drama are available to stream on the service for the first time ever

By Melissa Lemieux/Nov. 24, 2021 8:28 pm EST/Updated: Nov. 24, 2021 9:36 pm EST (Source: www.looper.com)

In an interview with TV Fanatic, an "exciting" character breakdown and a "fantastic" meeting with "CSI: Vegas"' showrunner Jason Tracey drew Matt Lauria to the role of Joshua Folsom. (Source: www.looper.com)


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