Lulu and georgia rugs australia

Lulu and georgia rugs australia

Lulu and georgia rugs australia

Around the house, the lounge room is our office and the dining room is our lab. That's because both are also our life hubs. The ability to monitor what works, what doesn't, and how to maintain a healthy balance is instrumental to our professional, creative and personal life. It helps that Lulu's high quality rugs aren't the least expensive around. With their gorgeous patterns and throws, they are both luxurious and high-quality in the world of high-tech, home accessories.


Anni, Otti, Benita, and Marli. These are the rugs in a new collection by Los Angeles designer Nina Freudenberger for Lulu & Georgia, each named for one of the Bauhaus's most prolific female weavers: Anni Albers, Otti Berger, Benita Koch-Otte, and Marli Ehrman. “When I was looking through textile images, I was drawn to these," says Freudenberger of her inspiration. "Plus, I saw men from the Bauhaus getting so much attention but not the women, [who] created something so remarkable and timeless that decades later I feel heavily influenced by them.” While Freudenberger's designs are typically minimalist in style, she’s always been drawn to pattern, especially when it comes to floor coverings. The result is a collection that combines punchy retro designs with natural color palettes.

“I’ve done wallpaper and dabbled in fabric, but doing rugs is something I’ve never done but was very excited about,” says the designer. Over the last year, she worked with the Lulu & Georgia team to draw, sketch, and paint a myriad of designs, something that allowed her to go back to her art roots. “Their team has such knowledge and helped me understand what we needed to create,” she says. The patterns take inspiration from their namesake designers, but are interpretive: “The collection is based on feeling excited by looking at their work," says Freudenberger, "but not creating for them." Read on to learn more about the designers behind each piece. (Source:www.housebeautiful.com)


Freudenberger's flatweave Anni, ideal for high-traffic areas like living or dining rooms, has offset stripes and a neutral palette that draws on Anni Albers's penchant for graphic weaves and overlapping lines. “It was me, a blank piece of paper, ruler, and watercolors,” Freudenberger says of her creative process. “What I thought was interesting was that the human aspect of my unsteady hand was actually translated into the carpets.” The Anni, like the other rugs in the collection, isn’t perfect and has moments of blended yarn. “I got to create this beautiful artwork and Lulu & Georgia helped me translate that into the rug design,” she concludes.

Regardless if you’re team wood drawers or team black display cabinet, I think you’ll enjoy this round-up of my favorite Lulu & Georgia rugs! They are currently having a 20% off sale on all rugs! If you’ve been in the market for a new rug, now would be a great time to invest in one! Whether you're looking to add texture to a bedroom or living space or simply need to define an area in your home, you can never go wrong with a rug as part of your design scheme. Lulu & Georgia is currently offering 20% off all rugs until April 25, with the code SPRING20. Shop some of our favorites below. (Source: www.elledecor.com)



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