Los Angeles to Hawaii

Los Angeles to Hawaii

Los Angeles to Hawaii

We visited the most dramatic and beautiful island chains in the world, read through the wilderness and met the most committed people on our journey. Our experiences there were just like a movie. It captured our unforgettable moments in its scope of colors, landscapes and life-changing experiences. We want to share this story of our experience with you. It was quite a journey and we can't wait to share more of our stories with you


Absolutely not! While Oahu and Los Angeles may seem worlds apart, Hawaii became a state in 1959, so no, you don’t have to worry about getting your passport renewed for flights from LAX to Honolulu. Instead, once you arrive on the islands, you can spend that time learning how Hawaii became a state, as well as the extensive history of the islands, at Iolani Palace—located in the heart of Honolulu—which was once home to Hawaii’s last reigning monarchs and now serves as an educational goldmine of Hawaiian history.

Cons: "They separated my seat with my 2 years old son, far far away. My 2 yo son got the seat in row 13 while mine was row 23. Then the front desk staff could only help to switch to row 12 and row 13. We’re still not together. That’s horrible. Then when we got on the plane, I asked people around if they don’t mind to switch their seats, but still not working well. The flight attendants didn’t help at all. Just saying, “this is the best we can do.” What did they do? They didn’t even help me to work it out. Then one of the front desk staff came onto the plane and help me out. My son and I finally sit together. But the overall experience sucks! Alaska Airlines needs to train their crew to have more emphatic to the passengers." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Pros: "Had a late departure from Honolulu because of an equipment repair, but the flight itself was fairly smooth and we were were grateful to have a bit of extra room on the plane because several nearby seats were not occupied. Luggage was delivered perfectly on-time upon arrival at LAX - thank you! Really appreciated the excellent customer service offered by Hawaiian Air prior to this trip, when one of the flights had to be rescheduled because of illness. Representatives were efficient, polite, and very understanding - Kudos to this carrier!"

Cons: "I did not like the check-in process at the Honolulu airport. It was a hot mess. Lots of flights going out at 2:00 pm. and the lines were confusing! Very few were directing us. We saw big signs that said: step 1, step 2, and step 3 but no real designation for anyone to follow. TSA pre-check should be clearer. If you are going to another island or if you are going to the Mainland, be clearer which line to get in. Bigger signs please. This was a chaotic self check-in. Thank goodness I came to the airport 3 hours early. Much better organization at the LAX airport." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Cons: "Was informed when we checked in that the flight we had purchased did not exists. We were informed thatcher would have to wait 24hours (after an already 7 hour layover) to catch another flight to Los Angeles. After debating with customer servinge several times and being forced to wait in line after being told things were fixed several time we had to threaten to record conversations and had someone call American Airlines headquarters and finally was able to get in the flight the same night. We at work be point were laughed at by an American Airlines customer service professional. I had purchased upgraded seats since I’m over 6 feet tall and they were not able to accommodate on the new flight, the flight was horrible and I had ton stand up every hour to make I the whole 12 hours."

You can fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles from several airports. The majority of flights coming in from Hawaii are going to land at Los Angeles International Airport or LAX, as it’s better known. There are quite a lot of options coming from Honolulu at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and Kahului Airport that end at LAX. However, there are some other airports that have some flights, such as Orange County, Burbank, and Ontario.LAX is by far the busiest airport in this area. It’s the second busiest airport in all of the United States, behind the Atlanta airport. This airport handles over 87 million travelers in a year. There are four parallel runways serving both domestic and international flights from all over the world. It’s a gateway airport for flights coming over the Pacific Ocean. (Source: www.cheapflights.com)


After landing on the island of Oahu, the first thing you’ll want to do is rent a car. Though ride-sharing is a viable option here, the cost can add up quickly. Plus, there’s so much to see! We recommend coordinating with one of the many companies that service the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (also known as the Honolulu International Airport). If you’re looking for the easiest and quickest option, Budget, Advantage, and Hertz all offer airport drop-off services. If you booked a rental car in advance, you can request pick-up or use a ride-sharing service to go and meet your temporary set of wheels.

The journey from Los Angeles to Honolulu takes anywhere from five hours and 45 minutes to seven hours, depending on what type of flight you choose. Most, however, are nonstop. There are several airlines that service the Los Angeles International Airport, so you’ll most likely get to choose your favorite! Southwest, Hawaiian, Alaska, and Delta Airlines are among the names you’ll see flying out of this airport. (Source: hawaii-beachhomes.com)






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