Logo submission site list

Logo submission site list

What is Logo Submission?

The one thing that was reiterated time and again to you when you were a kid was that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You tried hard to adhere to that idiom is you crossed the threshold into adulthood? You did not automatically gravitate towards spangling products without looking at its attributes first although it was really tempting to take the plunge. As you grow older though and are blessed with commendable spending power, you become increasingly brand-conscious. Hence commences your predisposition towards brands that will make you feel almost imperial.


What makes a brilliant brand? Yes, of course, there is brand image, brand reputation, brand loyalty and all those Kotler-terms that leave you more confused than lucid. But it all starts at the very beginning right after the business purpose of a company has been established and a name has been zeroed down on. Your company logo. Much like the proverbial book that you weren’t supposed to judge by its cover, here is an entity screaming at you do the exact opposite – ‘oh, please do judge us by our cover, won’t you?’ After all, the recent furor over Instagram exchanging its retro logo for a snazzier looking one almost took precedence over Donald Trump. Just for a day though, let’s get real.

Logos, however, are not only about putting a face to the name. Search engine optimization professionals who are almost like Web Wizards exploit every aspect of your website in a positive way to ensure that your website is indexed by the search engine crawlers and there are more backlinks that are generated in order to help your website get better page rank and online visibility. This is where your business or company logo comes into play because it not only helps create brand recall, but can also be used to optimize your website through logo submissions.

Why should you diligently submit logos?

  • While not many site owners are aware of logo submission sites, SEO professionals can help you make the most out of the business logo that you have created (And why shouldn’t you, after all you’ve spent precious hours coming up with it.) Logo submissions help your business to create awareness about your brand on the internet. This is important because gradually online visitors will be able to relate with your company logo and that builds in building trust that can help your business grow. Think of why the easily-identifiable snapchat logo is a ghost? It’s because the picture disappears after you view it once, never to be seen again.


  • Logo submission sites allow you to provide your website links when you submit your business logo. This can help you to create backlinks that can help in improving the page rank of your website. When you have more backlinks directing towards your website search engines recognize your site as a relevant andSan Diego Apparel America's Finest City important site and that improves the page ranking.
  • A better page rank can help you to get more online traffic and that means more business. As your website moves up in the search engine result pages you can see more visitors visiting your website and checking out the products and services you have to offer.

Why Use Logo Submission For Promotion?

We know that the images and graphics are easy to remember and well designed logos attract more peoples to our blog and websites. Logo is a representative for any website, And audience know the famous brands by the logos. So we can say that ‘ the logo submission is very good option for promotion’.

List Of Top Logo Submission Sites:





















Best Practices for Logo Submissions

Choose your friends wisely. By that, we mean choose your submission websites wisely – The most important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the logo submission websites. There are hundreds of such submission websites, but adding your business logo to all of them doesn’t make sense. Hence, you need to pick websites that have excellent page rank. This will help you to see positive results as these logo submission websites are recognized by search engines as a reliable source of information.

Shove your website down their throats, if you must (and if your website is cool enough) – When you add logos to high page rank logo submission websites, you must also add your website link which will act as a backlink. When you are adding your website link to various high PR logo submission sites you can create more quality backlinks that help in improving your webpage rank.

Now that you have sat patiently through being schooled in logo submissions, we have a little treat around the very same subject for you:

What if logos would be affected by their products?

 How the world looks and feels a lot more focused after a can of Red Bull. 5 cans and you could probably outrun Usain Bolt.


Alternatively, how the world looks after a few shots of vodka, which isn’t the nicest thing in the world.



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