Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels is a global entrepreneur, marketing guru and author. An entrepreneur at heart, he is unlike most with his marketing IQ and social marketing skills. He is the only social marketer with an MBA and has been the most successful and highest paid social marketer over the past decade. He's also the author of many best-sellers and has been named to the "Top 25 M


Kevin Samuels focuses his practice on leveraged and commercial financing, including representing banks, credit funds, and other financial institutions, such as "mezzanine" lenders, equity sponsors, and public and private companies, in all forms of debt facilities. He has vast experience in numerous types of financing, including leveraged finance transactions and other syndicated, multibank credit facilities; cross-border and foreign currency facilities; asset securitization; asset-based financing; acquisition-related facilities; and mezzanine and subordinated debt facilities. In addition, Kevin has significant experience related to complex intercreditor aspects of financing, including mezzanine transactions, first lien/second lien transactions, and unitrache facilities. (Source: www.jonesday.com)

Kevin Samuels is an American Businessman, picture specialist, and online media influencer. He attended Milwood High School in his hometown of Millwood, USA. Furthermore, he attended the University of Oklahoma in 1987 and 1991 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. (Source: www.wiki.ng)

Yesterday (Sunday, Nov. 7th), Brittany Renner made an unexpected appearance in an Instagram video uploaded by Kevin Samuels–a YouTube dating guru who has controversies of his own. The brief upload–captioned “Let me just leave this right here”– includes Kevin Samuels showing off his car before pointing his phone towards Brittany, wearing a purple jumpsuit and high-heeled boots. You can view the IG video below. (Source: thejasminebrand.com)

Kevin Samuels is a YouTube sensation and self-appointed “professional image consultant.” His meteoric rise to fame on social media arose from his slick-tongued comments aimed at, in particular, Black women. His advice to ‘modern Black women’ searching for a “high-value man” mixes hard truths with a dose of entertainment. (Source: news.yahoo.com)

To add fuel to the fire, Kevin Samuels often ranks his guests using his coined term, their “sexual marketplace value,” and bases their attractiveness on height, weight, dress size, and physical features. If he believes a woman is “below average” or an eight or less on a 10-point scale, he suggests they lower their expectations of attracting a high-value man. Those he sees as particularly unfit, he advises these women to settle for average men, or worse, less than average, to meet their personal and relational needs. (Source: news.yahoo.com)

Kevin Samuels is the poster child for a group of Black men in dire need of love and acceptance from the world. His bootstraps rhetoric screams, “pick me,” from white men who clearly have no interest in doing so. He serves Uncle Ruckus vibes on a platter using every statistic he can find to project his own internalized self-hatred. It’s absolutely egregious and dangerous that this man who has been on the planet for more than half a century would proudly encourage assimilation as a viable solution to the relationship woes between Black women and men of today. (Source: news.yahoo.com)

Joe Budden sits down with Kevin Samuels. Tune in to an episode you don't want to miss! (Source: podcasts.apple.com Joe Budden sits down with Kevin Samuels. Tune in to an episode you don't want to miss! (Source:podcasts.apple.com))



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