how long is a baseball game

how long is a baseball game

how long is a baseball game

A game is usually made up of nine innings. Each inning lasts about three minutes, with the game lasting six innings. These six innings make up an official game, which is also known as regulation time; or if the game goes extra innings, it is called a game-within-a-game. Throwing, hitting, and fielding occur in each inning. Midway through the game, the score becomes the number of outs recorded by each team.


A manager with several left-handed batters in the regular lineup, who knows the team will be facing a left-handed starting pitcher, may respond by starting one or more of the right-handed backups on the team's roster. During the late innings of a game, as relief pitchers and pinch hitters are brought in, the opposing managers will often go back and forth trying to create favorable matchups with their substitutions. The manager of the fielding team trying to arrange same-handed pitcher-batter matchups and the manager of the batting team trying to arrange opposite-handed matchups. With a team that has the lead in the late innings, a manager may remove a starting position player—especially one whose turn at bat is not likely to come up again—for a more skillful fielder (known as a defensive substitution). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The sacrifice bunt, calls for the batter to focus on making soft contact with the ball, so that it rolls a short distance into the infield, allowing the runner to advance into scoring position as the batter is thrown out at first. A batter, particularly one who is a fast runner, may also attempt to bunt for a hit. A sacrifice bunt employed with a runner on third base, aimed at bringing that runner home, is known as a squeeze play. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Among the many other statistics that are kept are those collectively known as situational statistics. For example, statistics can indicate which specific pitchers a certain batter performs best against. If a given situation statistically favors a certain batter, the manager of the fielding team may be more likely to change pitchers or have the pitcher intentionally walk the batter in order to face one who is less likely to succeed.

The final rounds of the two annual tournaments—the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament in the spring, and the even more important National High School Baseball Championship in the summer—are broadcast around the country. The tournaments are known, respectively, as Spring Koshien and Summer Koshien after the 55,000-capacity stadium where they are played. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Modern fantasy sports began in 1980 with the invention of Rotisserie League Baseball by New York writer Daniel Okrent and several friends. Participants in a Rotisserie league draft notional teams from the list of active MLB players and play out an entire imaginary season with game outcomes based on the players' latest real-world statistics. Rotisserie-style play quickly became a phenomenon. Now known more generically as fantasy baseball, it has inspired similar games based on an array of different sports. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Finnish baseball, known as pesäpallo, is a combination of traditional ball-batting team games and North American baseball, invented by Lauri "Tahko" Pihkala in the 1920s. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Block, David (2005). Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game. University of Nebraska Press. ISBN (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Those are outliers even in today’s languidly paced game known as baseball. Over the 2021 season’s first four days, there have been 44 games played that didn’t go to extra innings (I didn’t count extra-inning games in this analysis, wanting to keep this to games of nine innings only, as that’s comparable to the other numbers posted below.) (Source: www.bleedcubbieblue.com)

I'm not bothered by long play time, but I know other people are and I'd hate for long play time to hurt the MLB in the long run. I really don't want them messing with the game and introducing timers or anything. How about we get rid of commercial breaks? That's a great idea, but is never going to happen because the sponsors are crucial I guess. I think we just have to stick with it. If games keep going over 3 hours some of the more casual viewers might just stop watching, but the diehards will always watch to the bitter end. (Source: www.reddit.com)


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