How Long Does a Fly Liveor

How Long Does a Fly Liveor

How Long Does a Fly Live

A fly can live for approximately one week, with a span of three to four days. It’s not the longest lifespan of any other creature, and during that time, it experiences a number of different stages of life that evolve it into adulthood. So far as its particular lifespan goes, it can live anywhere from one to nine days, but the median lifespan is six days.


Eggs take eight to 20 hours to hatch and reach the first of three larval stages. During this part of the fly life cycle, larvae are also referred to as maggots. Maggots grow rapidly and must molt, or shed a layer of skin, before each larval stage. Each stage takes anywhere from three days (in temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit) to eight weeks (in cooler climates).

a-z-animals.com)Gnats are the annoying little bugs that fly around your face at the bus stop. They are not baby flies as some have thought. They are their own species and have similarities to the housefly. Gnats as a group have one of the shortest lifespans with some only living a week. The fungus gnat is commonly found in house plants or can be found in the lobby of commercial buildings by the indoor plants. As their name suggests they feed off the fungus that is present when these plants are overwatered. Gnats follow a similar life cycle as the fruit fly with it lasting anywhere from a week to two weeks. Similarly, adult gnats live from 7-14 days. (Source:


Mosquitos are flies! They are frequent summer pests that have long slender legs so they can land on you without you noticing. Only the females bite, but the resulting bite can produce an itching sore for days to come. This is the most common outcome of a bite, but they can carry diseases like the Zika virus, West Nile and malaria. According to the CDC, “…most people infected with WNV do not feel sick. About 1 in 5 people who are infected develop a fever and other symptoms.” Mosquitos have a similar life cycle as houseflies but the eggs must be laid in stagnant water. The eggs hatch in the water and the larvae are aquatic, meaning they live in the water until they reach the pupae stage. It spends a few days in the pupae stage and the adult emerges ready to fly. Adult mosquitos live longer in cooler temperatures (14 days) and they live shorter in warmer temps (10-days).

Flies are almost as natural and commonplace as breathing. Mammals all across the globe have specially-adapted physical features to help themselves get rid of pesky flies, including tails and manes. Fortunately, humans have pesticides, pest control professionals, and plenty of information to help in the long battle against flies. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “How long do flies live?”, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the average lifespan of a fly, as well as the life cycle of these airborne insects. Familiarizing yourself with these facts may help you tackle any fly infestations you’re facing in your Jackson, MS home and help avoid future fly-related problems. (Source: synergy2ms.com)



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