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honeygrow was born with a goal to bring people together through wholesome and simple foods. We specialize in craveable and customizable stir-frys, salads and honeybars.Honeygrow, a fast-growing restaurant concept that offers wholesome, fully customizable stir-frys, salads, honeybars and cold pressed juices, announced Tuesday that it has partnered with LevelUp to dev .Plus, it's great for the entire family - Stir-fry, salad, honeybar, brownies, and a full kids menu to satisfy your cravings no matter the time of day. Want honeygrow, but not now? Order our proprietary noodles and sauces from our Extras menu to make your favorite honeygrow dishes at home!


Few Boston neighborhoods have undergone as rapid a transformation as the Fenway. Residential towers and new shops, bars, and restaurants seem to open in the blink of an eye. Once mostly known as a place to grab bar food before or after a Red Sox game, it’s becoming a dining destination, even for new takes on fast food. (Source: www.bu.edu)

I hate this app to be honest. It’s not user-friendly whatsoever. There’s so much text that you don’t know what you’re looking at or what you’ve clicked on. The labels are misleading. If you add additional items to your meal you get charged but it doesn’t update the price at the bottom, making it easier to rack up a huge bill without knowing it until you get to the checkout. And it doesn’t tell you that your additional items cost more until you get the itemized email. I feel like this place is way overpriced as well. Certain things like chili flakes or sesame seeds cost 50 cents extra which is outrageous. Has a pizza shop ever charged anyone for chili flakes? No. These are spices. It should come free. Only ordered Honeygrow today because I had a $10 credit. Otherwise, this is my last choice for a place to eat. The food isn’t worth the aggravation. (Source: apps.apple.com)


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