harry styles cardigan

harry styles cardigan

3 Ways to Get a Harry Styles Cardigan


If you've ever wanted a Harry Styles cardigan, look no further. This piece of clothing was first seen in the winter 2021 issue of Dazed. You can even get a copy on Xydrobe! Here are three ways you can get it:


The JW Anderson cardigan, worn by Harry Styles, has become a viral crocheting trend, gaining a place in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The cardigan's original designer, Jonathan Anderson, aimed to create a garment that felt authentic, punk and humble. The pattern is now available for download. This pattern can be used by people of all skill levels, from complete beginners to those who want to make the perfect Harry Styles Cardigan.

The JW Anderson company, which is known for its fashionable clothes, became aware of the trend and encouraged people to knit their own garments. To promote this DIY movement, JW Anderson published the original pattern PDF as well as an official video tutorial. The video has over 595,000 views, proving its popularity. The JW Anderson company also offers a number of downloadable patterns. Besides creating a Harry Styles Cardigan pattern, other designers have taken the lead and published their own version.

To create a Harry Styles Cardigan, you'll need a size large enough to fit you comfortably. Make sure to use a hook that has a larger hook to ensure you'll have a good fit. The Harry Styles Cardigan pattern includes step-by-step instructions for making the cardigan. There's a full video tutorial for making a Harry Styles Cardigan. If you're not sure what to buy, consider purchasing a book of Harry Styles Cardigan patterns.


A year ago, Harry Styles' colorful patchwork cardigan became a viral video on TikTok. The star's cardigan was designed by JW Anderson, which has since gone on to sell for more than $1,800. People quickly re-created the look on social media. A summer challenge ensued, and fans quickly copied the singer's look to the point of creating viral videos. Now, you can recreate the look with your own knitting needles.

The first step in creating your own cardigan is to select a yarn. Choose a color that suits your outfit. This article is available in several different colors. If you don't have any yarn, you can always choose a different yarn. Then, use a needle and thread to make the cardigan as if it were a knitted garment. Then, make sure the yarn is a contrasting color.

After you've made a contrasting colour, you can move on to knitting the main body of the cardigan. The body of the cardigan is comprised of two front panels, which are symmetrically placed. Next, sew the back panels together using mattress stitch. You'll open up the front panels to form the opening for the front. If the front panels are symmetrical, you can sew them together with a mattress stitch.


Crocheting a Harry Styles Cardigan is easy! This crochet project requires a 6-mm crochet hook and chunky yarns. To make this pattern, you will need to start at the top of the project and work your way down. You will want to attach the yarn to one side of the project, then attach the front panels to the back panels using mattress stitch. After you sew the two panels together, you can open up the front panel.

To create this patchwork colourblock cardigan, JW Anderson, a British fashion designer, introduced a variety of knitting stitches in the process. The design features the iconic Hounds Tooth pattern. The overall effect is oversized and cottage-core-inspired. The Harry Styles Cardigan has inspired many fans to make their own versions of the trendy garment! If you're looking to make a Harry Styles Cardigan, consider using a size larger than you usually wear to avoid being too big.

Aside from the Cardigan, fans will also be able to download the album. Cardigan is a great way to stay warm in winter! There are many ways to wear a cardigan, including a cozy one. A sweater will be a perfect layering piece. For added warmth, try a scarf! One of the biggest concerns of winter is cold feet. With a hoodie and a scarf, you'll stay warm and look great in this winter-ready style.


If you're a fan of the Harry Styles Cardigan, then you might want to get a button kit! These kits contain everything you need to make the iconic piece. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and you'll be ready to create your own custom buttons. Then, you can make any number of different designs with your buttons, whether they're for other people or for yourself! Here are some ideas for your new knitted buttons:

The front of your cardigan should have four buttons. Using your hook, you'll crochet three buttons onto the front panel and two on the back panel. You'll need a total of 64 rows to make this cardigan. Start by crocheting two rows of hdc in the second ch from the hook. Continue to hdc in each ch, until you've completed five rows. Next, attach a button band and collar.

Those who don't want to spend the money should consider a cardigan knitting kit. JW Anderson's cardigan knitting kit includes everything you need to make one. The knitting kit contains a downloadable pattern of the cardigan. The design is so beautiful that it's unlikely to end up in a landfill. But the process was not easy, and many people have already created homemade versions! If you're interested in getting your very own Harry Styles Cardigan, consider making it yourself!

Accessories aren't included

The Harry Styles Cardigan is a simple knit cardigan that has all of the yarn needed to create the look, but no pattern. The basic construction of the garment consists of patchwork horizontal panels and striped vertical panels. The ribs are hand-sewn on and the tail ends are tied together to create small tassels. The accessories are not included with the cardigan.

The JW Anderson patchwork cardigan is a striking piece, and Harry Styles wore it on the TODAY show in February of 2020. The design is bold and colourful and introduces different knitting stitches, including the Hounds Tooth pattern. The cardigan is oversized and follows the cottagecore aesthetic of the internet. It is also available for purchase. The price of this cardigan is approximately 1,250 British pounds.

Ariana Grande sweater on TikTok

If you've ever seen a video of a famous person in a big, oversized sweater, you'll be familiar with the trend known as the "Sleeves" meme. On this social media platform, users pretend to be Ariana Grande while wearing a big, oversized sweater. The trend started when TikTok user @prodpsilo posted a video of himself making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while wearing a sweater with extra long sleeves. The video was set to Grande's hit song "7 Rings." It quickly spread and became a sensation amongst the community.

Since Ariana Grande's recent Grammy performance, she's been a regular fixture on the world of memes. A new series of Ariana Grande impersonations popped up on Twitter, mainly focusing on her oversized sweaters. The 'Sweaters' singer has also been known to wash her hands and wear poofy dresses. This trend continued to grow after her Grammy performance, where she performed with a band and a huge crowd of fans.

While many of the world's biggest stars have made use of the TikTok platform, Ariana Grande has not taken it to the same level as the hottest new singers. Lil Nas X is a prime example, but Ariana Grande used the site long before Lil Nas X did. The pop singer has an entire team that works to shape her image and connects with her fans through the platform. However, while the TikTok star may have an impersonal approach to her fans, she doesn't spend as much time as other pop stars on the site.

Harry Styles sweater on Animal Crossing

The famous Harry Styles cardigan made its debut in a Nintendo Switch video game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The knitted garment was a social media sensation, and a hashtag for the sweater has been created, 'HarryStylesCardigan.' The cardigan's creator, J.W. Anderson, has shared the pattern and video tutorial on YouTube. Fans can now try their hand at recreating Harry Styles' cardigan by following the tutorial video posted by the company.

The game's makers have taken note of the growing trend of DIY sweaters, and they have embraced the trend with a free pattern PDF file and an official tutorial. The resulting tutorial has gotten over 595,000 views! There are several reasons to make your own Harry Styles sweater. Among these reasons:

Fans of the singer are honing their DIY skills while they're in quarantine. Many fans have already started crocheting their own version of the sweater. Some even started wearing the cardigan during rehearsal for the Today Show appearance. The original cardigan was made by British designer JW Anderson, and sold for over PS1,500! It has a vintage-style feel to it, with a '70s glam-meet-English-proper' aesthetic.

How to Make a Harry Styles JW Anderson Cardigan

jwanderson cardigan

You may have already heard about Harry Styles' JW Anderson cardigan. It went viral on TikTok after the boy band singer wore it during his February soundcheck. So, what makes this cardigan so special? Let's explore some of the details. Below, you'll find a tutorial video that will help you create a similar garment at home. Plus, check out the pattern for the color-block design.


This JW Anderson cardigan pattern is a classic piece of knitwear. This style of cardigan can be made in a variety of yarns to suit your personal style and preferences. The cardigan is made with two-sided crochet and is very easy to make. You'll need a 6-mm crochet hook and chunky yarn. To make this cardigan, follow the steps below:

The cardigan is knitted in different colours, with a wide range of colors. This cardigan was first made by JW Anderson and was available on the company's website. It is a perfect example of the brand's commitment to promoting craft and creative endeavors. JW Anderson is a British clothing brand founded by Harry Styles, who made a rainbow cardigan for the Today show last February. Fans of the star were inspired to copy the look, but do not have the money to purchase one of these garments. They either learn to crochet themselves or use their parent's skills to recreate Harry Styles' cardi. Some even go so far as to document their experiences on TikTok!

The color-blocked knit cardigan by Harry Styles, designed by JW Anderson, was so popular in February that the hashtag #HarryStylesCardigan started trending on TikTok. Fans of the singer created their own versions of the sweater and posted them on social media platforms using the hashtag #harrystylescardigan. The hashtag has over 1.9 million views, and it's no wonder that the pattern has become a popular knitting project.

The multicolored patchwork JW Anderson cardigan pattern is one of the top searches on Google. The popularity of the multicolored patchwork cardigan pattern was increased by 78 percent in February and March 2020. Its success has led to the release of a JW Anderson cardigan pattern. So, if you're looking for a fun and easy crochet cardigan pattern, it's worth considering it. With the right instructions, you'll be well on your way to making an attractive cardigan in no time.

Color-block design

A stylish piece to add to your wardrobe is the color-block design on this JW Anderson cardigan. Crafted from 100% merino wool, the cardigan features a patchwork color-block pattern and traditional hand-knitting stitches and textures. The oversized, cropped silhouette is flattering on any figure and goes well with high-rise pants. To get the look, add jeans or high-waisted pants.

A popular piece of menswear, the Colorblock Patchwork Cardigan is now available to buy and collect. This piece of clothing was made popular by celebrities including Harry Styles, Liv Huffman, and Liv Huffman. The cardigan went viral after Styles wore it on the Today Show. Fans immediately wanted to recreate the style, making it a metaverse item. However, Harry Styles' cardigan has been snapped up by celebrities like Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, and Liv Huffman.

Tutorial video

A recent viral crocheting trend has triggered the creation of a Harry Styles JW Anderson Cardigan tutorial video. Fans were so inspired by the design, they recreated it themselves, with the help of a free pattern. JW Anderson has also shared his process with fans in a video that can be viewed below. The tutorial video includes instructions for beginners, and can be followed along with the pattern or by following the steps outlined by the knitwear designer.

The cardigan has become a viral fashion trend, sparked by Harry Styles' JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2020 menswear collection. The cardigan is one of the most popular pieces of menswear in recent memory, and is a favorite of the sexy British singer. The JW Anderson cardigan was recently made popular by TikTok users, who have generated over 40 million views.

As for the virality of the JW Anderson Cardigan video, the designer says he does not want to capitalize on the popularity of the garment. He plans to release the pattern this week and make it available for download through all his social media channels. In an era of viral marketing, designers can never be too careful with their designs. With TikTok, designers can tap into viral trends and music to generate millions of views.

Next, you'll sew the sleeve panels to the cardigan. Once you've sewn the two front panels together, sew the sleeves together using a mattress stitch. Make sure the sleeve seams face down and are sewn on evenly. If you are using a crochet hook, make sure to attach your yarn to one side of the project before completing it.


The multicolored patchwork cardigan is one of the most popular styles of JW Anderson clothing. The brand's founder Jonathan Anderson has made the pattern available to the public, in hopes of encouraging others to make their own versions of the sweater. The cardigan is only available in four different colors, and he is hoping to raise $10,000 for the LGBTQ charity AKT with the proceeds. In addition to encouraging others to make their own sweaters, the pattern can also be purchased online.

The process of creating the digitally rendered version of the famous sweater took 300 hours. Xydrobe's in-house team of VFX artists designed every single piece of yarn in 3D before weaving them procedurally. Once each piece was finished, the team used a process called cloning, which allows them to create identical replicas of the garment. The digitally recreated version of the JW Anderson cardigan can be purchased for $600, and the digitally created JW Anderson cardigan will be sold at an auction on Dec. 12th.

After the V&A museum purchased the Harry Styles cardigan, it has become a trend. Fans of the British singer began to crochet their own version of the cardigan, which eventually spawned a TikTok video trend. As of this writing, over 40 million videos have been created with the hashtag #HarryStylesCardigan. In response, JW Anderson has released a video tutorial to make the cardigan available to the public.

The popularity of Harry Styles's JW Anderson patchwork cardigan sparked a trend on TikTok and earned the brand a spot in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The designer said the cardigan was made with xydrobe, a new auction platform, and the buyer paid 2ETH, which is roughly equivalent to $7500. However, some people are still skeptical about the idea of JW Anderson selling their own clothes on a cryptocurrency auction site.

Xydrobe's digitized version

If you want to own a Harry Styles-designed cardigan, there's a new way to purchase it: Xydrobe is now selling a digitized version of the same item. The virtual replica was made by Xydrobe, which is a sort of Christie's for the fashion industry. The digitized version took three hundred hours to create and features Marvel graphics. The digitized version will be sold through Xydrobe's platform and has a reserve price of PS10k.

The digital cardigan is available to buy and will benefit a charity called Akt. The proceeds from the sale of the NFT will go towards supporting the charity's mission of assisting LGBTQ+ youth living in hostile environments. The cardigan is currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The cardigan's TikTok trending stint helped it gain popularity and garnered more than two million views.

Xydrobe created a 3D digitized version of the famous Harry Styles cardigan. The digitized version took three hundred and fifty hours to create, with a team of VFX artists constructing individual yarn bits in 3D and weaving them together in specific patterns. Unlike the real cardigan, this digital collectible can be purchased at a price of up to $600, and the digitized version of the cardigan has been made available to the public.

Another NFT from the JW Anderson collaboration is an entirely digitized version of Harry Styles' multicolor knitted cardigan. The digitally recreated cardigan was created by Xydrobe in collaboration with the acclaimed singer. The in-house VFX artists developed the yarn in 3D and weaved them together. Xydrobe will host curated selections from other luxury fashion designers.

harry styles cardigan

Harry Styles wears his cardigan in public, providing fans with their best look yet.


Fans of Harry Styles rejoice, you can now make his iconic patchwork cardigan at home thanks to this little gift from the designer JW Anderson. (Source: www.stylist.co.uk In February, Harry Styles – whose wardrobe is a rotation of fashion smash hits that both warm our souls and inspire our accessories (yes, that pearl necklace you want is thanks to the singer’s influence) – wore a JW Anderson bright coloured patchwork cardigan during a rehearsal for an appearance on The Today Show. Since then adoring fans of Styles’ style have taken it upon themselves to recreate this eclectic 70s-inspired look… thanks to some inventive knitting on the hashtag #harrystylescardigan on Tik Tok. (Source:www.stylist.co.uk))

One of the world's leading museums has acquired the patchwork cardigan famously worn by pop star Harry Styles for its permanent collection. (Source: edition.cnn.com)

In a blog post announcing the acquisition, the V&A described Styles as "one of the most influential style icons of his generation," while commending his "gender neutral, playful and experimental approach to fashion." The museum also referenced the viral craze inspired by the garment, calling it a "cultural phenomenon that speaks to the power of creativity and social media in bringing people together in times of extreme adversity." (Source: edition.cnn.com Harry Styles becomes Vogue's first-ever solo male cover star (Source:edition.cnn.com))

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