Guest Post On Forbes: Passive Income

Guest Post On Forbes: Passive Income

Guest Post On Forbes


Passive income is the process of earning money with minimal effort in comparison to the effort needed in order to pay for the money. You might be able to make passive income in real estate. But often times it entails property management, leasing property, investing in property, or other real estate endeavors.

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When you're trying to submit a guest post, it can be confusing to sort through all these different requirements. That's why we've scoured the websites of top media outlets for their submission guidelines and instructions. From HBR.org to The New York Times to Business Insider and more. Check out the list below of top media outlets and their guest blogging guidelines. (Source: blog.hubspot.com)


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Guest Post On Forbes

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Are you wondering how to make money on the side?

The most effective way to boost your odds of success is to make sure you're following the guidelines. Website owners and editors set specific rules for people who want to contribute to their websites. If your email is a garbled mess, and you clearly didn't follow their directions, again, your email will end up in the trash. (Source: www.forbes.com)


Leveraging the knowledge and qualifications of your audience is a way to establish credibility and authority. And Forbes offers the perfect opportunity to reach this audience.

The good news is that each step along the way will serve to further build your blogging business. Writing guest posts for other authority websites will enhance your credibility. Boost your SEO rankings and help build your relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Networking with contributors to major publications will also help your business, and it provides opportunities for collaborations in the future. (Source: www.ryrob.com)

Guest Post On Forbes

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Fast Company operates on much more of a one-off pitching model. Where even well-established contributors are expected to pitch their editors with each individual new story idea whenever they’re ready to contribute another article. This is very different than the way many other publications functions. Whereby granting every contributor access to an internal CMS and giving them the keys to publish or submit articles for review. Whenever they’d like (the way publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc all provide). (Source: www.ryrob.com)


Ensure an attractive image for your guest post by using images provided in the article. Use keywords throughout the article to make it more noticeable on the article's search engine listings. Attract more visitors to the article with great content. Give your audience something they want or need.

Each guest post will have a “bio” where you can include information about you and your business, products, or services. The best guest post opportunities allow you to include a link in your bio to your website. (Source: smartblogger.com)


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