Guest Post format: Easy Template Pitch

Guest Post format: Easy Template Pitch

Guest Post format

Guest Post

Guest posts are a fantastic opportunity to add more credibility and traffic to your blog without opening another account on your website. If you're not yet familiar with how to write a post on your blog, that's fine, we'll break it down for you!

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Guest Post format

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After a much-needed visit to a Walmart. A woman who has a lot of experience managing large brand-name companies both domestically and internationally. Was shopping for dog food and found herself in the pet aisle. Just as she was about to head to the checkout, she spotted a brand she knew nothing about. And, to her surprise, it was about to hit its sell-by date. She bought the entire stock and contacted the company before it all expired.

Outreach and guest posting only works for SEO purposes when search engines can see that there is topic alignment. There’s no semantic sense in my blog pointing to an Australian carpet cleaning firm (yes, that was a real pitch!). I’m good at working in angles when I’m writing for clients, but even I would find that a bit of stretch. (Source: www.pointvisible.com)

Guest Post format

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If you would like to submit guest posts to Future Starr you can do so by reaching out to our contact us page. The email address is included on the contact us page.


Well - before all - it starts with a gentle and positive note in the introduction. After that, it subtly points out to your prospect about the crucial topics he’s missing on his website where you can jump in. (Source: blog.lemlist.com)

Pitch Example

This guest post contains information that would be beneficial to the B2B audience. The guest post will be published on Realtor.com and communicated through social media. All as mutually agreed upon by the author and FutureStarr.com. As well as other digital platforms.

Do your homework before sending an email. Curate your list, verify that each website you are reaching out to accepts pitches. Make sure your content is a good fit, and most importantly, personalize your emails. (Source: www.pointvisible.com)

Guest Post format

Social Medium

I am reaching out to your company on behalf of FutureStarr.com. We are a tech website that uses augmented reality tech to bring tech news to life through Disney princesses. And other famous characters like Star Wars and Marvel heroes. We bring tech to life as a way to understand how tech is impacting people. And as a way to bridge the gap between people and tech. The site hosts an AR tech demo and daily Disney episodes.

The point is to recognize that there isn't just one type of blog post you can create. And some formats are much more suitable for certain ideas than others. Another thing to consider is that a lot of times, it will all boil down to the angle you take on a topic. For example, if I wanted to write a post about social media. There is probably a different angle I could take that would work for each of the following formats. It will all depend on the angle I decide to take. (Source: blog.hubspot.com)

How to Create a Social Media Report [Free Template] (Source: blog.hubspot.com)

Guest Post format

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When it comes to guest-post submissions, it's important to remember what looks good in writing. Might not always translate well into other writing mediums like social media or websites.

Keep in mind that using personalized images in your guest post outreach templates will double your reply rates. The reason for this is they help you to build better relationships and stronger bonds between you and your guest post prospects. (Source: blog.lemlist.com)

So, if you don’t have time to create new email templates for dozens of different situations in your guest post outreach work. Or looking for something specific to what you’re trying to accomplish in your guest blogging efforts. These proven and tested emails are going to make it easy for you. (Source: www.deepanshugahlaut.com)


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