Georgie heartland

Georgie heartland

Georgie heartland

Alisha Newton is a talented rider and competes in show jumping with her two gorgeous mounts. She has found lots of success in the show ring, as she competes several times a year. When not filming Heartland, she spends most of her time training at the barn. He's gone. But not gone. Forever, he's not. Does that really relieve me? I know we both shared a past. A past that was always in the past. A past that I thought I left behind. It never occurred to me. . .


Georgie Fleming-Morris is introduced in Season 6 after running away from another foster family. When first presents to the series Georgie and Mallory knock heads quite a few times, Georgie has a habit of running away from every foster home in which she's been placed in. Upon discovering her in the loft above the barn, Jack agrees to foster her until Clint can find another family to foster her. Jack decides to be her permanent assistant but after Clint does an interview with child services denies his application. Not wanting her to leave the Ranch, Lou and Peter agree to become her long-term Foster Parents, later Adoptive Parents, Katie{Catherine Minnie Marion Fleming Morris}daughter of Peter and Lou, as well as Phoenix Rising, a horse who repeatedly ran away from a neglectful home that has a special connection to Georgie. Through the intervention of the Fleming-Bartlett family, she found a new home at Heartland. She is fearless and stubborn when she first arrives at Heartland but she starts to let her guard down. She grows to become a beautiful, respectful, courageous young women.

Georgie Fleming-Morris is described as a fiery a troublemaker in season 6. After moving from one foster family to the next most of her young life, Georgie tries her best not to get too attached and in the beginning closes herself off from those around her. With the love and support of everyone at the Heartland Ranch, Georgie develops trust and becomes more outgoing. She enjoys watching Amy Fleming work with the horses and she enjoys riding her horses phoenix, Trouble and Checkers. Georgie loves dogs and in finds a lost dog(who she names Remi), then falls down a well to get to her, and then decides to keep her as a pet. She and Ty create a close bond, given their similar circumstances. Georgie is quickly accepted into the family as Lou and Peter make the big decision to adopt her. Later on in the series Georgie grows to become a fabulous jumper and trick rider. She had to choose between jumping and trick riding. But eventually jumping wins out and Georgie jumps Val Stanton's horse Flame. When that doesn’t work out, she starts to jump Phoenix with Kim Price as her coach. (Source: heartlandtv.fandom.com)


Adam Parker becomes Georgie's tutor. For awhile Georgie absolutely dislikes him, but when Georgie partners up with Adam at the wildlife reserve some feelings change. She soon develops a crush on him in Ep 9-18, No Regrets, Adam leans in for a kiss, but Georgie is oblivious and doesn't notice. Later, she kisses him saying, "I don't wanna have any regrets". When Adam reveals he has diabetes, Georgie guides and helps him through a winter storm. Later, in Season 10, Georgie breaks up with him because Adam read Georgie's texts out of insecurity. Georgie and Clay McMutry's cousin Wyatt McMurtry go on a date, Wyatt tries to kiss her, but it is awkward because she's not over Adam yet. Later in Season 11, at Jack's barbecue, Wyatt and Georgie spend a minute alone together and kiss. After this, Wyatt ignores Georgie and when confronted admits he has a girlfriend in Calgary but doesn't know how to break up with her.

I didn't like the way that the show kept saying "real parents." The character of Georgie doesn't have real parents and "not real" parents. She had one set of parents that gave her birth and nurtured her for the first three yeas of her life and another set of parents that have nurtured her for the last five ? years of her life. Peter and Lou may work too much, but they are very much real parents. One thing that I do love about the show is that any emotional trauma that any of the character ever experiences is taken seriously. In this episode Peter flies all of the way from Vancouver to Calgary/ Hudson to support Georgie as she is dealing with her feelings concerning the accident that killed her parents. (Source:www.imdb.com)




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