Georgia blue Flowood ms

Georgia blue Flowood ms

Georgia blue Flowood ms

I love to go out on a morning ride sometimes on a misty morning. The country is more alive then. But in the city there are always people moving. I like the sounds of the traffic and the nature slowly being taken back by the city. I can't help but wonder what kind of beauty lies ahead as I move through the city.


"From po-boys and shrimp & grits, to bayou catfish or blue plate specials, Georgia Blue has something for everyone. Georgia Blue proudly distills and serves its own Georgia Blue bourbon, vodka, and tequila — just one more thing that makes GB unique," according to the announcement. Georgia Blue menu has been digitised by Sirved. The menu for Georgia Blue may have changed since the last user update. Sirved does not guarantee prices or the availability of menu items. Customers are free to download these images, but not use these digital files (watermarked by the Sirved logo) for any commercial purpose, without prior written permission of Sirved. Georgia Blue has provided with a great opportunity to succeed. My finances, which is most important has improved. Which is helping me advance in different areas of my life.

Georgia Blue in Hattisburg Mississippi was an uncomfortable place to work. A lot of things I witnessed and personally dealt with were very unprofessional and made me feel very uncomfortable. Georgia Blue was very by the book, but they were understanding to their employees. It was a fun work environment where the managers knew how to joke and have fun to keep the employees comfortable.A typical day at georgia blue consist of making sure the kitchen was ready for service for the day. prepping the hot wells making all of the foods that were needed for the daily lunch specials. making sure the staff kept a clean work space and made sure food left in a timely manor. (Source:www.indeed.com)


I have been with Georgia Blue for 6 years. While not perfect, the loyalty they have shown me through my beginning in March 2013 has been unparalleled. I have been a huge part of this company and have had a small hand in training future employees and in ideas for improvement. I have no intentions of moving up to management, but if you put in the time and effort, they love to move up from within. Also, it has to have been some of the best coworkers ever. Gerogia blue began to slow down, shortly after I started. It was on it's last leg, and due to pipe issues.

They unexpectedly closed. Amazingly though, I was able to get 20% tips consistently. When we did have tables It’s a little bit Greek and a little bit “Blue.” Pita chips, queso, sliced lamb & beef, diced tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese crumbleSpring mix with juicy pears, praline bacon, applewood smoked blue cheese & toasted slivered almonds with jenn’s vinaigrette. Known as a place with sophisticated food and a laid-back style, Georgia Blue has been in business since August 2010. The franchise already has locations in Madison, Flowood, Brookhaven, Starkville, and a GB Bakery in Brandon. Georgia Blue features live music and dining choices of stockyard angus filets and ribeyes, shrimp & grits, Atlantic salmon, fried green tomatoes, red beans & rice, as well as other items.(Source:esotocountynews.com)






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