Free kittens seattle

Free kittens seattle

Seattle kittens

Some of the most adorable kittens have been born in Seattle. Before they had a heartwarming home, they were destined to fend for themselves until they were adopted.


SEATTLE — Seattle Humane has been inundated with newborn and very young kittens, and expects this to be a much busier Kitten Season than usual due to the pandemic making it harder for people to get their cats spayed and neutered. Seattle Humane has had mother cats and kittens come in, but also a number of orphaned kittens. Well-meaning community members have also brought some very young kittens to Seattle Humane they incorrectly identified as being orphans.

"My bf and I waited in line and then met the receptionist who provided paperwork to fill out. She told us to have a seat while filling out the paperwork and when I completed it, she said she would call in 30-45 mins. She showed us that we were 17th on the waiting list; #10 and 11 were viewing kittens. We waited outside in our car for an hour and never received a call back. This was an unbelievably disappointing experience. Especially since my bf wanted to bring me here because he knows how much I wanted a kitten. Guess it just wasn't meant to be. Would definitely not recommend this place." (Source: www.yelp.com)


There are two ways to make a foster cat more adoptable. First and foremost is marketing. If no one knows about your foster cat, or how wonderful he is, then it will be next to impossible to find him a forever home. In addition to supplying great photos and a bio and updating these regularly, giving a foster cat additional exposure by telling friends and family about them will help create a "network effect" and will speed up the process of finding a forever home. (Source: www.seattle.gov)

Photos and stories of all adoptable cats in foster homes are posted on Petfinder.com and at the shelter where the public can view them. Foster cats are also promoted at monthly events throughout the city. Foster parents can also help promote their foster cat to their family, friends, colleagues and the general public through a variety of means including flyers, emails and social networking sites. (Source: www.seattle.gov)

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