Forrest Gump Quotes:

Forrest Gump Quotes:

Forrest Gump Quotes

Gump: [On his family] They died when I was still a baby. And I was raised by my aunt and uncle. My mother remarried and they adopted me. I never knew my real father. If you could pick, if you could wait, I believe people would do the right thing. I think people are good at heart.

20 Passionate Forrest Gump Running Quote

1994 was the year when this fantastic blockbuster film was released, starring Tom Hanks as the lively fellow, champion of shrimp- boating, cross-country running hero and ping- pong champion Forrest Gump. In famous Forrest Gump quotes, running has been mentioned many times. Quotes in the film were symbolically promoting running as a sport and the film was perfect in portraying different scenes and taking along the story beautifully. Here we compiled many famous quotes from this movie, including running and other aspects of life. (Source: www.enkiquotes.com)

15 Quotes & Dialogues From Forrest Gump That Will Leave You With a Smile

Forrest Gump is one of the most heartwarming movies ever made. The sheer innocence of the plot and the brilliantly surreal acting of Tom Hanks have made the character immortal. The movie is a treat for children and adults alike. The guileless Gump recollects his past experiences growing up slow-witted amidst monumental historical events. His life drives him through a series of adventures as he finds himself involved in the significant events in American History. During his journey, he meets some wonderful people who play an important role in shaping him into a wonderfully lovable personality. The only goal of his life is to reunite with his childhood friend and one true love, Jenny. This feel-good movie is full of life lessons and thought-provoking philosophy that leaves a deep impact on anyone who watches this masterpiece. Here’s a list of some of the best quotes and dialogues from Forrest Gump that will change the way you perceive life. (Source: www.scrolldroll.com)

Forrest Gump Quotes

The Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Best Director Robert Zemeckis, and Best Actor Tom Hanks, this unlikely story of a slow-witted but good-hearted man somehow at the center of the pivotal events of the 20th century is a funny and heartwarming epic. Hanks plays the title character, a shy Southern boy in love with his childhood best friend (Robin Wright) who finds that his ability to run fast takes him places. As an All-Star football player he meets John F. Kennedy; as a soldier in Vietnam he's a war hero; and as a world champion Ping-Pong player he's hailed by Richard Nixon. Becoming a successful shrimp-boat captain, he still yearns for the love of his life, who takes a quite different and much sadder path in life. The visual effects incorporating Hanks into existing newsreel footage is both funny and impressive, but the heart of the film lies in its sweet love story and in the triumphant performance of Hanks as an unassuming soul who savors the most from his life and times. --Robert Lane (Source: www.quotes.net)

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Plot – Forrest Gump lives with his mother in a big house in Alabama. Despite he has a low IQ, he achieves many goals in his life: he enrolls to university thanks to a scholarship and becomes a football champion, he joins the army and fights the Vietnam war, he's awarded with a Medal of Honor for his military deeds and meets the US president. He becomes also a billionaire fishing shrimps together with Lieutenant Dan Taylor, his superior in Vietnam, and he has a baby with the girl he loves since childhood. (Source: www.moviequotes.com)



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