Fast Growing Ground

Fast Growing Ground

Fast Growing Ground Cover Zone 3

Known for its short stacks of violet rosettes, low-growing bugleweed is an excellent groundcover for moist, shady areas. In zone 3, this perennial tends to do better in low areas where snow tends to gather and there’s some protection from the elements. Depending on the cultivar, the foliage can make excellent contrast in the garden with shades of deep green, wine, or chocolate-brown. Bugleweed is semi-evergreen, making it ideal for late-fall interest before the snow covers it up.


When you feel like tossing a big rug over your yard and calling it good, often what you really need is the right groundcover plants. These dependable, hardworking species grow densely to carpet the ground with minimal fuss. Sure, you still need to water, weed, and feed them, but these plants can provide living solutions for many of your most frustrating landscape problems. You can find groundcovers that control erosion, blanket a hillside, or thrive in dry conditions while still complementing your home and garden. Some are evergreen, while others lose their foliage in winter. A few can even tolerate light foot traffic.Able to withstand some foot traffic, ajuga makes a versatile groundcover wherever there's not enough light for grass to grow. Flower spikes in blue, pink, lavender or white adorn the rosettes formed from scallop-shaped leaves in spring. However, this perennial groundcover plant is mostly grown for its pretty leaves, which come in shades of green, maroon, bronze, purple, pink, or white. It can become weedy in ideal conditions, so check to make sure it's not a problem in your area before you plant it.

Groundcovers are low-growing plants that serve many different purposes in the landscape. They limit weed growth, stabilize slopes, and add interest and texture to your yard. Plus, unlike lawn, groundcover plants don’t have to be mowed. However, in colder climates, many groundcovers die back and go dormant during the winter months. This leaves the ground bare and exposed, opening it up to potential weed issues and soil erosion. If you’d like to provide year-round cover for a particular garden area, turn to evergreen groundcover varieties for the job. These beautiful, hard-working plants have so much to offer.

The thick, succulent, drought-resistant leaves of sedums make them among the very best evergreen groundcovers. While there are literally hundreds of different varieties, if you plan to use this plant as a groundcover, look for low-growing varieties. Some of my favorites are Dragon’s Blood, Blue Spruce, and Lime Twister® because of their interesting foliage and flower colors. These ground-hugging sedums are evergreen in climates with milder winters, and semi-evergreen down to -20 degrees F. Reaching just 4 inches tall, they’re covered in blooms in late summer through fall. In my Pennsylvania garden, they’re evergreen through most of the winter. (Source: savvygardening.com)


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