Establish A New Author's Salary

Establish A New Author's Salary

Are you the best author of all time?

Start a new salary online with Future Starr! Establish the new Lifestyles of The Rich. Find out how to create an author’s salary for yourself right from home. Whether it comes to being an established author or an aspiring one promoting and selling their works; writing has never been easy for anyone. What if you found a platform where you can share your vision as well as your quality work to an audience around the globe? Future Starr empowers you with one such high-end and seamless platform. You can sell any type of books, including Fiction, Non-fiction, Cookbooks, Travel Books, Children's Books, Business Books, Comic Books, and so on in digital format. Just upload your work with your complete author profile information and get ready for a fan community you often dreamed of. The process is easy. Set up your account and start uploading your literary work, set your price, and start promoting.

What is your purpose as an Author?

What is the author's purpose? Commonly, readers go off and locate the author's purpose by other people's thoughts and impressions based on the resources they find online. The metacognition comes in once we explain to people things to consider when it comes to the author's purpose. Peer-reviewed articles or content-related articles which have been closely scrutinized by audiences in the comment sections after the journal article content is submitted by the author are only opinionized and may not be factual. With that being said, the purpose of an author comes down to your own goals and objectives as a writer.


Identify Your Author Tone

When it comes to the author's tone, it is all about how the author expresses themselves to readers. Whether it's through their grammar and how they implement their words, or their writing style and how it's presented to the audience. To drive sales to your books, you as an author must ensure you are using the appropriate author tone that will help readers stay engaged with your book.

How do you define yourself as an Author?

An Author’s definition is all determined by how a writer defines themselves when writing a novel, poem, essay, literacy work, etc. As an author, you may comprise yourself under different characters and express them by the stories you write. That's the benefit of being a great author. Being able to capture the reader's interests based on how you define yourself as an author.

Are you the best Author of all Time?

How do you want to go down into history? Do you want to be the best Author of all Time? You may be a Romantic Author or a drama type author. Based on any Author's point of view, it is all about doing something you are passionate about and expressing your vision to readers who express that similar interests. It’s not always about the money, become a Future Starr by doing something you are passionate about, and your rewards will come.

What kind of Divergent Author are You?

What makes you a divergent author? What separates your writing talent from any other authors in the world? There are millions of writers across the globe that has a story to tell. However, this shouldn't stop you from pursuing your dreams. Your skill sets and being who you are are enough to create your audience amongst the billions of users that exist on the internet. Future Starr has the online resources to express your talent with no overhead and give you the freedom to present your resume to the audience by displaying and sharing your story without any politics involved. Take control of your destiny- build a profitable book business as opposed to your book sitting on the shelves or in the back of some website's database. That's what makes you a divergent author.

What kind of Author Salary do you want to make?

What kind of vision do you have for your Author's salary? Book authors can make from $0 to over $1 million. No matter what, it's going to take hard work and persistence to achieve the financial freedom you want. Let Future Starr helps you become the resource you need to create the type of salary you want. Have a peace of mind and take care of your family. Establish your dream business career.

Reach for a Global Audience

Through Future Starr, reach your global audience while going digital running an online business selling your writing materials through our marketplace. Here at, Future Starr, we know how much time and effort you must put in to create your work, so we help you to accomplish real verified sales for your books, through our massive platform.

How much money do authors make?

 Self-published authors can make 40% – 60% royalties on a single book sale on the other hand; traditionally published authors normally make 10%-12% royalties.  If you are looking for the answer to your question about how much money do authors make then becoming an author can be easy for you. If you are planning to become an author, you might think about how authors make money by just writing. Does being an author help you in making a good amount of money for your living? Is it a sustainable career option to choose? As an artist who is in search to find ways to become an author and earn money, they should understand the concepts of earning an author's salary in a  good authentic way. You need to get into the traditional publishing industry and turn your basic writing skills into experienced ones. It’s real that you can make money but not enough money for a healthy living. Once you get the hang of it, you could find yourself in a center of stardom presence where you know you are at the right place. At Future Starr, our goal is to help make your digital money on the go and earn through your talent. 

There are so many people out there who are writing for a living. But it’s not just about writing, you need to publish your precious piece of art. It is imperative to not depend upon just worrying about earning your living, you need to do extra efforts and part-time jobs to earn more income. This way, you can truly enjoy what you are doing. A self-publishing career is becoming more relevant these days. Many people are looking to become full-time authors rather than just being a part-time writer. Becoming an Author as a beneficial career for students can be encouraging. Some critics may believe, to become an author is all about the Author's salary which is not guaranteed. However, the future is bright in this field. The authors who have tried the traditional ways to publish their writing pieces get advanced benefits in their career. They usually get $10,000 for their publishing. As an author, they must give the best piece of art to their audience. Self-published authors do not start earning at the start, instead, they invest in the traditionally published tactics to book sales.

J.K. Rowling is the best author who earned the best author salary. He was a self-published author. He focused on the traditional publishing method. At the start of his career, J.K. Rowling charged per hour. Stephan King is also the best author to makes the best books ever. His company hired people for editing their pieces and give them a salary. These experienced published authors know how to self-publish. Stephen King knows about the publishing industry pretty well. He was not an average author. Rather, he was the best author of the century. He is known for his great writing skills. Writers know exactly how to deliver the emotion in a storytelling way. Several authors earned income and get money through book launching each year. Millions of people read Stephen King as he is the bestselling author. Average writers usually earn by writing on a per article basis. These writers are not known for their author abilities but they are known as small creators and editors. Usually, you get paid for one article on freelancing websites, they are also very beneficial in terms of income. If you have published one book before, you understand the potential success it could have. Book Authors get paid for the number of books they have published. Being a full-time author traditionally gives you the freedom to fully manage your books and earn royalties. Advance skills of writing are not learned in a day or two you need to get into this writing game full time!

Earnings will be good if you put in the hard work and publish one book at a time. It will be difficult for you at the start but once you get into this game, you will soon become a professional.  You do not earn royalties on your second book; basically, you have to earn your $10,000 back because of the market books' royalties’ earnings.  Before you start earning make sure you contacted some of the professionals in this field of bookselling. Because the one who is committed to creating their books know all the advanced tactics but before you start earning you need to earn a royalty check from your publisher. In the industry and market of books, you will have millions of people around you who will introduce you to the market of books. However, you need to contact many publishers, sign a deal with the author, and they will set a royalty rate for your books and their royalty rate will go up. Hence, the difference is here with the royalties. 

 Fully manage your finances and settle down what you have been always thinking. Publishers do face a loss now and then, but not all of them. If your talented skills are sharp enough then you can become the best seller of the year.

How much do successful authors make?

How much do successful authors make from this career? All the professional authors whether they are self-published company or work as self-publishing authors, you may need to be published authors consultation if you won't succeed. A traditionally published author may not receive more than $5000 to $10,000 for a book in advance. However when the book is published most of the publishing companies will hire published authors, traditionally published self-published authors will pay the author 10% in royalties. Royalties are based on the list price. Book sales and the price of books are widely maintained by the publishing companies. J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, James Patterson is the bestselling author of the century. They charge per hour. Most of their book sales are increasing based on the wholesale price. A publishing author can advance in their career if they charge for multiple books. The number of authors depends upon the income which is paid by the authors, which means the larger your advance is, the more likely you will be in the publishing market and save your investment. The author will be paid in their future career and sometimes receive advances. There are several ways with which you can make more money as an Author.

So, by reading this article, you will understand how much income the authors make? A million sales are conducted per year as book publishing, but a short number of them succeed. So we will let you know about a few tips to make more money as an author. Here are our best tips with which you can make a good income as a writer.

1 – Choose between self-publishing or traditional publishing:

Firstly, you will have to understand the concept of self-publishing vs traditional publishing and after understanding this concept of traditional publishing, you can make the best choice for yourself. Building your career as an author can be a bit difficult for you to make money per year. But by book publishing, you can make money as an author and make good sales. An average number of authors create content for a living. Some of them create articles other than their regular job. Many editors edit book copies one book per day as a part-time job. To get success in your relevant field you need to understand book publishing. This is not an average-income job. There are many successful paths towards success. Make your earnings rememberable and in both avenues, you will have success as a professional.  You should clear the path for royalties and traditional earnings because in this author career you need persistence to become a true book author professional.


If you are a beginner and need to start earning as a professional you need to get into the whole process of how the author sales business encompasses the income. In this market of bidding, war publishing houses are getting into the fire, they are charging high rates some of the authors have been lucky enough to get into this war and win but not many of them know about the tactics and how the royalties system works. These bidding wars often depress the authors and the writers who write novels.


If you love reading novels you need to win over massive advances you hear about the authors and books per sold which could be advanced in the income making a living. Professional career as author business can be collected books per articles. You submit the article and wait for the next approval in advance. For some companies, you have to submit drafts and publish content on media platforms. We have done a great analysis for you to decide on which market or industry you should start making a living in.

2 – Write to market 

Do you know about author salary and traditional publishing houses? These self-published authors have a staff who bring up the book concepts which is trending in the market of self-publishing. They also know which will hit the emotions of the audience. Employing the people will bring real-life ideas to those entrepreneurial authors.


Sometimes you might see book sales around and rush towards your favorite book authors like James Patterson, J.K. Rowling, Stephen king, etc. Even though they charge per hour, they do have the best publishing rights for their book sales which urges the audience to buy the book. The result is to help them make money. Their hot literature depends upon the idea of how to write and what to create. Yes, following the latest trend in every field is important. Whether you have started self-publishing or just a new author, you must learn to follow two questions, “What is now and What will be hot?” these two questions will be the outcome of your success.  

 The best part of this market is that you can do it by yourself as a self-published author. Multiple articles have been written by the average author. They get a salary every month. Some of the authors charge per hour but their editing skills couldn’t promise them the best results from their books. Editing multiple books is not easy however to make average money as a part-time job, depending upon the sales, you can be successful at it. Some of the companies offer in advance your contract per year. Millions of freelance editors work as content editors and earn income. An average number of authors hire editors to have more success and get paid for their job. The author who hires people as editors makes a path towards a higher rate for success. You have to learn and earn from book earnings in advance. However, the question is still there. How will you create books that will earn enough royalties?  It’s a legitimate yet tough process of becoming an author. As an author in your career, you should know the author's salary first.  Being an author is not an easy task. A lot of research has been done in advance to sell one book. However, if you have many small books as a to-do list task you should focus on your career rather than your publishing career. With the advancement in technology, people are now selling their books online and earning more money by selling novels online.


They get 10% royalty in advance and remaining after sold. Advances have been given to several writers. There has been an argument between authors who choose to write for the market and writers who only write to sell out their book to some department.  Third-party vendors are article authors who have their own business of freelancing. 

Which is equivalent to selling fiction novels? Writing fiction books is very daunting but if you love writing about fiction books you can come up with great story ideas easily and start earning quickly. You will be able to contact the publishers in advance in the market seamlessly. Authors must follow the cover-up strategy if they argue about any certain situation in their fictional book. As the marketing demand for books and their clever covers, it is more important to know which could be beneficial for the self-publishing author. Authors and publishers must analyze to know about the price and any advances which can be included in their book. Many books need advances. Writing to your targeted audience is a legitimate way for a career opportunity as an author and to achieve your advancement objectives.  

What does a Self-published Author want?

 As a self-published author, you might want to know about the author's salary, but you can create content to market by being a self-published writer. Reach your target for book sales like the famous authors J.K Rowling, James Patterson, Stephen King, and many authors who worked in the industry. They worked per hour and became bestselling authors.

Their editing skills and writing makes the stories of different categories help them earn income and their audience pays tribute to them in return. Some of the best authors charge a yearly salary from companies with whom they signed a contract. Writing is not an easy task but once you get into the pattern, you could predict the income you could make just from writing. Quick advice, pay your editors for editing in advance and hire them along with a decent salary. Average authors do this to increase their sales, they get paid on time as well. The average number of people do not know how to publish their books and make money.

 For Instance: The Age of Vampire Novels which were initially compared to books like Twilight, triggering an explosion in vampire stories by many authors and publishing houses. However, these sold and earned income very well. 

Famous self-published authors:

1) Inheritance Cycle:

Christopher Paolini.

2) The Martian:

Andy Weir.

3) Still Alice:

Lisa Genova.

4) Fifty Shades of Grey:

E.L. James.

5) My Blood Approves:

Amanda Hocking.


3 – Write every day and publish often.

 Another approach that the authors apply to earn an income is to work more and pay less. They write every day and don’t focus on sales. The average authors can be good writers other than focusing on just getting paid. Their main priority should focus on writing daily.  The fiction category for Fundamentals of Fiction and Story program at a self-publishing school generates a great amount of content by the writer and more than 30% of students write and publish one book per year

 After the student authors are done with their writing they have the urge to create one again. The average author makes money per year and many authors get paid on monthly basis.  Create a way to make a living as writing is a fundamental task for all authors. Do your best and forget the rest is our advice to all the average authors out there. Quick Question: Who has just started their career in fiction writing in advance?


The Fiction Mastermind community is where they encourage fiction books. Which is also a combination of NaNoWriMo, which is known as International Novel-Writing Life. In this world where people are running through their earnings while still getting paid, if you want to make some money as an author, you should make writing regularly your habit and make your writing career a part of your life. Consider your writing as your full-time job because an author's salary is the one he/she owns by confidence. We recommend you to create your book-creating skills, focus on your author's salary, and learn how the book sales business works. To self-publish your one book and make it the bestselling book ever, you need to consider your editing skills, and your author salary as well. Don’t work for a minimum author salary. We all know, higher salary is more productive!


4 – Publish series.

If you want to make an author salary and make editing and self-publishing your hobby, it is imperative to consider first a writing career and publishing a book series. Self-publish a book series sits as the fastest way to reach success. With editing and publishing multiple series you can achieve your publishing goals progressively. The reason to make money as an author is that money with publishing series is a simple and effective way to make a decent salary. No get rich quick schemes! One customer might make multiple purchases by multiple series. If you have delivered the world one book which is great and the second one great again, each year, you give one great book to the audience that can make money on its own. Millions of people having income which they have been getting from their old publishing books. You can pay your editors later but you should focus on your sales. Authors usually focus on creating series, because if a customer bought the book at first eventually, they would buy it later and so on the sales profits would improve. Authors usually publish per year and some of the authors leave reviews for other authors’ creation. Series of books can be collected together for you which could average a strong fan base as well as solid income. Another Question: Which keeps you in the game as an author the longest?  

5 – Put together an email list or other platform.

Author salary is not an obvious way to earn they need to put together extra work to accomplish their manuscript. Often, the manuscript is designed and formatted by the author.

Author Salary: