English is the world’s language. You don’t need to be bilingual to speak or write it. But if you know it well, it can open many doors for you. It can give you valuable connections, raise your English-speaking career opportunities and help you travel abroad. Here are 10 reasons why you should learn English.

UWinnipeg's English Language Program (ELP) delivers high quality programming to international and domestic students seeking to enhance their English proficiency. ELP offers a certificate program for those seeking to teach English as an additional language to adults, as well as customized computerizing and private tutorials — including communication coaching and workplace communication skills enhancement for internationally-educated professionals. (Source: www.uwinnipeg.ca)


Elp is a software package that lets you make English language course comments online.

The English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement applies to all applicants to undergraduate lessons, regardless of citizenship or country of origin. The University of Lethbridge reserves the right to determine and publish adequate levels of language proficiency. (Source: www.ulethbridge.ca)


Elp is a website for students to improve their knowledge of the English language. The site's content is divided into three categories: learning materials, games, and comprehension tools. Elp is for both students and teachers. The site is easy to use and doesn't require a specific level of English knowledge to use. The site was created by a group of teachers from the Netherlands, a country where Eng is the second-most spoken language in the world.

Applicants whose academic qualifications meet admission requirements must satisfy Eng language proficiency (ELP) by August 1 for Fall (September) admission or November 15 for Spring (January) admission (see Application and Document Deadlines). (Source: www.ulethbridge.ca)


If you want to learn a language and you cannot afford to invest your time and money anymore, Elp is a skill-sharing service that gives you an opportunity to learn how to speak, write, read, or translate with native speakers in the easiest way possible. You may choose your language, your teacher, your schedule, and your price. It is not a subscription service.

Eng. is the primary language of instruction and communication at UAlberta. All applicants must be proficient in Eng prior to admission. (Source:www.ualberta.ca)


Elp is a platform promoting Eng language learning among students around the world. It’s dedicated to promoting language learning as a way of life on the Web.

Whether you are already a parent of a Johnston student or are considering Johnston as an option for your child, we welcome your interest in exploring how JSCD meets the needs of advanced learners. The Extended Learning staff, classroom teachers, administrators, and parents have all assisted with the development of our current skill. (Source: www.johnstoncsd.org)


Elp is a group of two students with a lot of passion for learning Eng. They believe that learning Eng is important because it opens the world up to you and you'll never be stuck in your knowledge.

A small, exceptional group of growth-stage entrepreneurs are invited each year to participate in the Entrepreneurial Leaders Skills (ELP). The skill m is built with an entrepreneurial learning style in mind as a peer based skill where they are given what they need to grow as leaders, CEOs and most importantly, as individuals. (Source: wallacemccaininstitute.com)

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