Elarica Johnson:

Elarica Johnson:


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Elarica Johnson was born in London, England. A British Actress, known for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), Blade Runner 2049 (2017) A Discovery of Witches (2018) and P-Valley US series with Starz (2020). Elarica began her career in her teens, landing her first role in the Harry Potter franchise.

P-Valley is one of the most insightful and well-done dramas on television. The Starz drama series is set in Chucalissa, Mississippi around the mega-popular strip club, The Pynk. Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan), the non-binary club owner stands at the center of the narrative. Around her are her dancers, Mercedes (Brandee Evans), the club’s headliner, and Autumn (Elarica Johnson) a mysterious newcomer.

Though her character is from the south and comes to Mississippi on the run, Johnson is actually English. The 32-year-old actor was born and raised in the U.K. In fact, Johnson’s feature film debut was in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Source:

Interview: We Talk to P-Valley Star, Elarica Johnso

From EastEnders and Harry Potter to her latest role as Autumn in the new drama P-Valley– premiering on STARZ on July 12– English actress and model, Elarica Johnson has played a diverse array of characters with each one helping her tick off a list of dream roles. P-Valley, based on a play by Katori Hall, delves into the world of stripping, addressing issues of colorism, racism, and LGBTQ+ through the eyes and stories of its Black female and queer characters.

The actress finds surprising common ground between Harry Potter, playing a vampire in A Discovery of Witches, & her latest role as a stripper.

Elarica Johnson’s acting resume is the perfect example of quality over quantity. Although she hasn’t had dozens of roles, the ones she has had have been very impressive. In 2009, she appeared in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She also had a tole in the TV series, A Discovery of Witches. However, while her past roles have been great, it’s an upcoming one that might serve to be her biggest break yet. Elarica has a starring role in the series P-Valley which will air on Starz. If you’ve never seen Elarica work before, this is the perfect time to start. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Elarica Johnson.

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