Docks atlantic city

Docks atlantic city

Docks atlantic city


The city of Atlantic City has often been called the best outdoor entertainment destination in the world. It is split into four quadrants, with casinos, hotels, boardwalk, and more.

In 1897, Harry "call me Dock" Dougherty believed there was a great opportunity in Atlantic City. To open a restaurant that would serve the finest seafood available in a clean, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. And so he opened Dock's Oyster House, with 60 seats, no liquor license and very high standards. Dock's quickly became a favorite of locals and tourists alike. With lines often forming out the door on Atlantic Avenue (and at the back door for those in the know). (Source:www.docksoysterhouse.com)


Atlantic City is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest city in New Jersey. The city is considered to be the "Hollywood of the East" because of its entertainment industry and casino gaming.

You don't survive in Atlantic City for nearly 120 years without keeping up with the times. Including some major renovations every few decades or so. In 1945, the second generation of Dougherty's enlarged the restaurant to 80 seats. Fifteen years later, the third generation purchased a liquor license for the first time. Expanded the dining room again, and installed a completely modern kitchen. After another decade passed, a small cocktail lounge added. And in 2001 a team of third and fourth generation Dougherty's revamped the dining room and bar. Adding a raw bar that has become a local hot spot. (Source: restaurantpassion.com)


New York City’s latest waterfront development is a floating dock. That sits just beyond the Elliott Bay. And waiting sea wall at Pier 48. Untitled, the dock will serve as a public place for year-round recreation. Mixed-use transit, cultural events, outdoor dining and more.

After years of emphasis on quality seafood, Dougherty’s Steakhouse allows steaks and chops to share the spotlight. Paired with an expansive raw bar and a carefully curated wine list. The new steakhouse resides in the historic Resorts Hotel & Casino. A building that mirrors the Dougherty’s roots in the community and strong local ties. (Source:resortsac.com)


Docks is a restaurant and lounge located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The restaurant and lounge, walking distance from the casino floor, is sure to satisfy any palate. Docks offers live entertainment, private event space and a full bar. Docks is the ultimate key-party spot and a must-go for any night out on the town.

Hours of operation may be impacted by COVID-19 concerns. Please contact the restaurant directly or check their website / social media accounts for the latest details. (Source: vrconcierge.com)


New Jersey is home to some of the best waterfronts in North America. The Jersey Shore is the most famous stretch of land in the state. And the perfect place to make your own memories while you enjoy your learn more about this great State.

Very good raw bar. Oysters are per piece with a decent pricing. Meals are very filling, so not recommended to over do it on appetizers. The server recommendations were very good. My pictures show a small beet salad, but that is because they split it into 2 for us (Source:www.restaurantji.com)

Gluten Free

The limited-time offers like gluten-free and vegan menus. A white tablecloth dining experience on a boardwalk. And the best fried shrimp in the state, all make the Blue Water Grill worth a day-trip.

I'm only giving 4 because there was no gluten free menu and I like to visually see my options. But the server was knowledgeable, I didnt get sick and the food was delicious. Expensive but we were on vacation. The server said they get gf requests all the time and there is a gluten allergy button in their computer that alerts the kitchen. Obviously oysters (which were delicious) and other raw seafood are naturally gf. Then I inquired about a few other menu options and he told me which ones could be made. Or modified gluten free and it was no big deal because everything is made fresh to order. I got the beet salad and grilled shrimp and it was delicious and I didnt get sick. (Source: www.findmeglutenfree.com)

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