Craigslist pasco county fl

Craigslist pasco county fl

Craigslist Pasco county fl

Pasco County, Florida’s craigslist offers the best of both worlds. Pasco is a great place to live. It doesn’t matter what your interests are. You can find it in Pasco County, if you look hard enough. Pasco is a great place to live and it is located between Tampa Bay and Orlando. Let Pasco be your home base. Now, remember, it is important to be safe on craigslist.


PASCO COUNTY, FL (WFLA) — Another puppy sold on Craigslist in the Bay area is at death’s door within days. A Pasco couple paid $150 for a puppy they were told was up to date on shots. It turns out the puppy was gravely ill. Against the odds, Bella survived. Then Sherry’s husband spotted on Facebook our investigation about Christopher and Shawn Tomaras buying a puppy from someone on Craigslist. Within days their puppy, named Leo died from Parvo. In our report, Sherry spotted the familiar face of Hayley Lidey.RELATED: Seller of parvo puppy on Craigslist staying in jailSherry spotted a picture of her Bella in early May, on Craigslist.

Craigslist puppy at death’s door when sold to Pasco familyThe bad thing about Craigslist is anyone can pose as someone else. They can use a fake name and unlike some other websites, users can't rate or comment on the buyer or seller. (Source: www.wtsp.com We've heard it time and time again from police department officers urging us to find a place that's well lit, in a high traffic area or choose a police station parking lot to do Craigslist transactions. Some crime analysts also say you might want to choose a more secure website to find a buyer or seller. (Source:www.wtsp.com))


An anonymous user posted a Craigslist ad early Monday offering Pasco County's Gulf High School for the bargain price of $500,000.

Pictures were even posted to help seal the $500,000 deal, and only serious inquiries were asked to reply. (Source: www.baynews9.com It came as a shock to many who saw the post on Craigslist. (Source:www.baynews9.com))


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