Craigslist handyman

Craigslist handyman

Craigslist handyman

All right, I had a problem last week. I went to the handyman to get a couple of repairs done and he said he wasn’t available. But at least he was professional enough to give me some idea for how much I should expect. I don’t think that’s going to be the rule for everyone though.


I first posted on CL and within the very first week I received 8-10 customers. Now it has been two weeks later since my first posting and I have not received a single call but 2 calls that only appeared to be fake people or competitors to question me on my prices. Remind you that I have only posted 7 times since then and have used the same headliner but I had changed a few characters on my headliner but not the wording. I’m curious to why have I not gotten any calls from anyone is almost 15 days? I don’t know if I may have been ghosted, but I have searched for my listing and it says it is still active, I’ve even searched my listing through other electronic devices and my ad is still there. I also made sure to post twice a day my first day… But after that I’ve only posted once a day since my first time posting. Do you think possibly the reason why I have not received any calls is because I have not posted twice a day like I did my first day? Or is it because I used my Facebook page link in my ad? The reason I used my Facebook is because it my only business page and that is what I only use Facebook for and I have not found any affordable or free websites I can use of create. Just trying to figure to a quick easy fix to this problem. Thank you.

Thanks a million for the advice on craigslist. I got a call within 20 min to repair a faucet the first time I posted. I get quite a few calls from people looking for work to be done cheap but enough good leads to overshadow the bad ones. I’ve been posting for a couple of months now with amazing results. Just last week, I landed a client who has 20 rental properties and is looking to expand to even more. I never would have guessed it would work out this well. Thanks also for all the other great advice you pass along. (Source: www.handymanstartup.com)


Sites like Craigslist are having a negative effect on legitimate contractors. In fact, they are harming the business of many tradespeople by driving down labor pricing expectations. Even though these Craigslist contractors are offering low introductory rates, the homeowners often end up spending more in the long run on hidden costs and damage control.

Is your roof leaking? Need a deck built? Tree Trimming or Lawn Services? What About Painting or Carpentry Work? Craigslist is an excellent way to find handyman services. When searching for a handyman, try to avoid deals that are too good to be real. For instance, avoid ads that advertise "dirt cheap services" or "cheapest prices in town." These ads are usually posted by desperate contractors who are not getting enough calls or work to stay in business. (Source: freestuffinder.org)


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