Craigslist eastside

Craigslist eastside

Craigslist eastside

The Upper East Side is the most expensive neighborhood to rent in New York and homeownership is close to impossible. But can you find a good place to live without spending an arm and a leg?


Going Back to Cali. A perennial source of Craigslist tomfoolery is the infinite stretchiness of neighborhood boundaries. Sure, maybe we’ll accept places above 96th street as the Upper (Upper) East or West Side. But sometimes, Craigslist, you exhaust our generosity. The “mid-170s” are not the “Upper West Side.” And it’s not the “Upper East Side” if it has a two-car garage and “large fenced yard.” In fact, we’re not sure where in Manhattan you’d find the fence and garage, but the accompanying photo looks an awful lot like suburban California. (It’s also not the Upper East Side if it’s 118th Street; that maybe works on the West Side.)

Really? Come on, guys we expect better from brokers who nailed a $21,000,000 townhouse listing on the Upper East Side. These listing photos look like they're advertising a rental on Craigslist! Being on 73rd Street between Park and Lexington puts it smack dab in the middle of prime Upper East Side, but just that location alone won't sell the place! Even if it is 10,000 square feet, there's a whole lot of competition out there. It's currently configured as a doctor's office, an in-laws apartment and owner's triplex so a buyer might have to put some money in for changes on top of that hefty asking price. Is that a pricechopper we see coming? Oh well, someone will probably just blame the in-laws. (Source: ny.curbed.com)


After the Craigslist post went viral, agents were clamoring for a mommy’s take on The Nanny Diaries. In September 2008, Ms. Land Soodak went to Borders and bought a couple of books on fiction writing. She wrote the novel in the lobby of her gym, in the waiting room outside the kids’ violin lessons, and in the fourth-floor bathroom at Bloomingdale’s, where there are couches and an outlet and she didn’t have to buy anything. (Source: nymag.com)


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