Craigslist cheap cars under 500

Craigslist cheap cars under 500

Craigslist cheap cars under 500

You need a transportation, so why not check out Craigslist for affordable vehicles? There’s a whole bunch to choose from, so do your research before making a purchase.


I’ve been doing my best to stay off Craigslist, as I need to first fix my nine-automobile “problem.” But this morning I had a relapse, and in an attempt to justify making another poor decision, I wondered to myself “If it’s only $500, does that really count as a full car purchase?” There’s some OK cheap stuff on Detroit’s Craigslist, but it’s rusty. So I want to know: How much does $500 buy around the country? you know the trick of searching for yellow cars only. My esteemed and learned colleague, Jake Lingeman, did a fine public service for Craiglist car shoppers a couple of weeks back, finding five fun cars available from Craigslist sellers for less than ten grand apiece. As a serious cheapskate and veteran of 12 years of writing Project Car Hell episodes, though, I felt that it should be possible to find five interesting cars—running cars, mind you—for less than one grand each. That's just what I did, so here .

That BMW would be pretty quick, but what if you insist on a European luxury sedan with three pedals? Craigslist to the rescue, with this 2002 Jaguar X-Type with the rare (in the United States) 5-speed manual transmission. The price? A mere $800, which is peanuts for a car that we thought was pretty swanky when it was new. Why so cheap for a Jag that looks great inside and out? Well, there's the small matter of its being flagged by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair at its last smog inspection, meaning a hard-eyed BAR referee will need to take a look. How hard could that be .Let's say you want a manual transmission but it must be installed in a vintage machine with some old-fashioned style. We've got just the car for you here: this 1975 Datsun B210 coupe, priced at a very reasonable $850. No serious rust, manual transmission, Nissan Sunny good looks, and it's just begging for you to drop in a readily-available JDM SR20DET engine. You'll be a hit at the next Japanese Nostalgic Car meetup with this one. (Source: www.autoweek.com)


's always been a place where you can find the tool you need under $10 and keep it in the garage until next year's major project, but

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