Craigslist Austin motorcycles

Craigslist Austin motorcycles

Craigslist Austin motorcycles

I occasionally sell my motorcycle on CraigslistAustin. It's also listed on craigslist.org. I've gotten more business that way than when I've listed it on CycleTrader or eBay. Just be sure to follow your listing with a "sold" message to be sure it doesn't get pulled for non-payment or some other issue.


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Here’s another great resource that’s being used inappropriately and abused by Craigslist scammers. Paypal is a money exchange service that allows people to make financial transactions directly without the use of direct debit or credit card transactions. Many scammers in Austin are using Paypal to get people for their money. For this scam, scammers will target people who are unfamiliar with the Paypal process. If you are selling something, they will try to get you to sign up for Paypal, which sends emails to the subscriber after money has been wired to their account. Paypal scammers would somehow get you the wire transfer email but without the money that’s supposed to go with it. (Source: moneyinc.com)


There is much more to Austin, Texas than just the live jazz music downtown at night. This is a vibrant and thriving community with much to offer. Because of that diversity, there are many items to buy and sell amongst the local people. Craigslist has become a popular medium by which to do this. It is a place where literally thousands of people across Austin every week buy and sell merchandise, some it new and much of it used. As with almost anything in life, however, there are more a few unscrupulous individuals out there who seek to wreak havoc on the entire system. If you are going to go online in search of your next treasure, or you wish to sell something there, continue reading to better understand how to effectively use Craigslist Austin. (Source: moneyinc.com)

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