Craigslist amsterdam ny

Craigslist amsterdam ny

Craigslist amsterdam ny

Doing a Craigslist search for “amsterdam ny” could lead you to some mind-bending experiences that are lightening-in-a-bottle opportunities. The photos on the website seem to reflect the offerings, with a diverse mixture of anything remotely related to drugs. And the offerings can change at a moment’s notice, too, so you need to be ready for anything.


is standing in a dingy Los Angeles apartment having a conversation with a man in a cardboard box. “Your body is not bad,” says the box-man, an aspiring photographer the artist had met via the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist. “And yet you’re a little guarded. I still want you to be able to get into a situation where you’re in a room with another naked man, and see how comfortable you would be allowing them to touch you.” Things don’t go exactly that far, but in the end, Tam has acquiesced to stripping out of his jeans and underwear and allowing this stranger to slowly, almost tenderly peruse his rear.

, for instance, are currently using Craigslist to find someone willing to turn over his or her private phone (with a few years’ worth of photos and videos) for $1,000. (Source: www.artsy.net Almost all of the artists used the same adjective to describe Craigslist—seedy. In some cases, that’s a boon for artmaking. (Source:www.artsy.net wtreats the site like an open-source image library, as in the self-explanatory series “TVs from Craigslist.” In these cases, there’s a certain voyeurism involved—an image of someone’s lumpy La-Z-Boy and a fumbling attempt to make it sound worth buying—without the risks of direct engagement. (Source:ww.artsy.net)))


If Tam’s experience showed that Los Angeles was a goldmine for “surplus labor” among the acting community, my casual trial netted a different sort of respondent in both cities: struggling artists and art students. A “movement artist” was interested, but wanted to see examples of my portfolio. A pastry chef and art blogger with rudimentary Spanish skills was open to learning more; ditto a “freelance actor with an interesting face” and a background in “performance art, pranks, and viral videos.” A student at Otis College of Art and Design wrote, as did an artist who had previously assisted on projects for

"The No. 1 thing they kept asking us was to add more cities," Jim Buckmaster, chief executive of the company, said in a telephone interview. (Source: www.nytimes.com Craigslist, which bills itself as a community-based operation in the techno-utopian spirit of the early Internet, accepts advertising for just about anything, from jobs to apartments to electronics to "erotic services." What it generally will not accept is money. The sites let users post most classified advertisements free. Only job ads posted in three United States cities require a fee. (Source:www.nytimes.com))

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