a characteristic assigned to a person


"When I got remarried, that was me trying to downplay [Selena’s death] in my life," Perez told the New York Post. "It was too painful. I never talked about [Selena’s death]. Getting remarried and starting my new life was a way to get over losing her. I thought getting remarried would help, and it did. But the pain is still there. It’ll always be there.” (Source: )In November 2016, Pérez announced that a made-for-television miniseries would be made from his book. This prompted Abraham to file a lawsuit against him since it violated an estate properties agreement originally signed between him and the family two months after Selena’s death in 1995. The lawsuit also sparked a bitter dispute between the family and Pérez, who in September 2020, went on Instagram and publicly accused the Quintanilla family of erasing his legacy with Selena. Suzette posted a rebuttal shortly thereafter and Perez later apologized. The case was settled in September 2021. ()


The two were married that same year, and though they wished to keep the news a secret, the media announced their union almost immediately. Of course, Abraham was less than thrilled to have been kept in the dark, but he ultimately accepted Perez. "After that, I accepted him as part of the family. What else could I do?" he told Texas Monthly. Selena and Perez moved into a house right next to the rest of the Quintanilla family.



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