Cankles is a messenger app for those who love chatting with their girlfriends. Here, you can find a girl to chat with for free without going through a clunky profile process or having to pay per connection. And if you’re a girl, you can find a guy to chat with you without going through a clunky profile process or having to pay per connection. And you can call or text talk to your mom or dad or your best friend without clunky text. First launched in 2009, Cankles has been adding new features and adding new software updates to introduce new features and improve the user experience so the users

What Are Cankles?

The word cankle is derived from calf and ankle. An individual is said to have cankles when he or she finds it difficult to tell the difference between the calf from the ankle. A cankle is an ankle that resembles a cylinder. Cankles are also referred to as sausage legs. (Source: www.drgeorgebrennan.com)

What Are Cankles and How Do You Treat Them?

The term “cankle” is a colloquial combination of “ankle” and “calf.” The term was coined to illustrate the appearance of lack of ankle definition, formed when the natural taper of the calf to ankle is distended by an excessive accumulation of fat cells, or liquid retention at the ankle. If you are looking for cankle treatment or cankle liposuction in Los Angeles, keep reading for more information. (Source: www.advancedlipedematreatment.com)

How Are Cankles Treated?

Cankles can be treated in a variety of ways. If they formed due to weight gain or liquid retention, cankles could be slimmed through healthier eating habits and moderate exercises. Food choices with a high fiber count, green and leafy vegetables, and lean protein are recommended help the entire body stay healthy and store less fat.

What Is Cankle Liposuction?

Cankle liposuction is the custom extraction of the excess fatty tissue in the area where the calf meets the ankle, which results in a more sculpted, attractive look. Fat cells that collect in the lower legs are stored within shallow deposits and can be professionally sculpted with an aesthetic treatment at our private Beverly Hills clinic. Cankle liposuction is recommended for any person who has been frustrated by lack of leg definition due to fatty deposits lodged in the ankle area. (Source: www.advancedlipedematreatment.com)



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