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With their fronds and lace-like leaves, ferns can thrive in your outdoor landscaping and compliment trees, flowering shrubs, and other outdoor plants. About 12,000 species of ferns grow around the world in various habitats. Many are suitable for the garden. The Boston fern, staghorn fern, and others can even live indoors. The fern comes in many varieties that will add definition and interest to your landscaping. Ferns look amazing planted behind other smaller plants like the Variegated Hosta. If planted full and thick enough they will create the most beauitful back drop. Shop our best selling ferns: Lady Fern, Hay Scented Fern and Ostrich Fern.


Each variety of fern thrives in dappled light created by tree branches they way they grow in the forest. Try to simulate these conditions when you plant them in your landscaping. Keep in mind that the more direct sunlight the fern gets, the more moisture it will require. However, fern plants can survive brief dry periods making them especially easy to care. Mulch around the fern plant with finely shredded leaves or leaf mold. This will mimic the conditions of the natural forest floor. Adding a layer each spring will help them retain moisture through the heat of summer.As long as you mimic the fern plants' natural conditions, you can grow them lushly in your garden with a minimum amount of care. Fern Plants are shipped year round. They are bare root and ready to plant and we guarantee they will grow or your money back. Wholesale fern plants are the way to go!

Feathery and even leathery, our shade loving woodland stalwarts will provide you with a versatile palette of plants that are perfect as delicate ground cover or dramatic elegant structural canopies. There is nothing quite so enchanting as the sight of new unfurling fronds or more impressive than an established geometric fan. Of all our ferns, Dicksonia antarctica instantly delivers the greatest drama and is the most amazing thing to view from above. We like to have a range of heights and characterful trunks in our greenhouse (they’re wonderfully fluffy and woody), and they make for excellent courtyard planting, too. It’s taken us 30 years to bring together our collection of evergreen and deciduous ferns, many of which we grow ourselves, and there is much to inspire and feed your pteridomania.Our ferns collection features some of the world's most appealing and well performing ferns, including both flowering and non-flowering varieties. These high-quality, hardy plants are exceptional performers in the garden. Check out our complete range right now and start making your picks. (Source: www.brecks.com)


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