Britney Spears Kids:

Britney Spears Kids:

How Old Are Britney Spears’ Sons and Where Are They Now

Britney Spears’ documentary, Framing Britney Spears, gave fans an insight into her conservatorship situation with her dad – which he has recently been removed from – as well as a closer look at her relationship with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. (Source: www.capitalfm.com)

Britney’s sons Sean and Jayden are now 16 and 15, respectively. (Source: www.capitalfm.com)

It’s thought Britney’s sons Sean and Jayden spend most of their time with their dad, Kevin Federline after their mum was granted 30% unsupervised visitation rights in September 2019. (Source: www.capitalfm.com)

www.capitalfm.com)Britney became a mum at the age of 24, giving birth to Sean on 14 September 2005 and Jayden a year later on 12 September 2006. (Source:

Britney Spears' conservatorship end would not impact her children's custody arrangement, says ex-husband Kevin Federline’s lawyer. (Source: www.geo.tv)

Does Britney Spears Have Custody of Her Children? – the Us Sun

BRITNEY Spears shares custody of her two children, Sean and Jayden with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. (Source: www.the-sun.com)

Britney has two children, Sean, 16 and Jayden, 15. (Source: www.the-sun.com)

The star lost custody of the two boys in 2007 after a breakdown which saw the distressed star shave her own head before attacking a photographer's car with an umbrella.

Spears has been paying her former partner Federline $20,000 a month in child support as well as their children’s tuition and school costs, TMZ reports.

Spears' conservatorship was implemented in 2008 after the star had a series of public meltdowns. (Source: www.the-sun.com)

Britney Spears Shared an Emotional Post on Instagram About Her Sons Growing up so Fast

Britney Spears on watching her sons grow up: 'its bittersweet' (Source: www.thenews.com.pk)

The singer shared a trio of photos with her sons Jayden James, 15, and Sean Preston, 16, on Instagram Thursday (Source: people.com)

Britney Spears loves her little ones! The Grammy winner and her ex-husband Kevin Federline welcomed sons Sean Preston and Jayden in 2005 and 2006, respectively. (Source: www.usmagazine.com)


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