Best article submission site list

Best article submission site list

Article Submission Sites

Article Submission is an effective off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. The objective of submitting an article is to run a campaign without having to pay for Google AdWords or other paid advertisements. Article Submission sites help a business publish as well as promote their content on article-viewing sites. The search engine rank is further enhanced by adding the right keywords in the content. Using this technique, one can increase awareness about their brand and the products. It is also a way of increasing traffic for businesses to gain more attention to their websites.

best article submission site list

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is considered one of the most effective, trusted, and accessible techniques that SEO incorporates. The fundamental purpose behind submitting high-quality articles is to improve the search engine ranking of your blog as well as to increase the traffic that it receives. Article submission provides two choices- link no-follow and link do-follow. Free article submission sites are more in number than the paid ones; the number of paid ones is higher than the free ones. Article Submission is outstanding for not only getting quality backlinks but also offers plenty of benefits.

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What is Article Submission Sites?

The article submission is an OFF-Page SEO technique in which you’ve to compose an article and distribute it to third-party websites that accept free article submission on their website. The main reason to use article submission sites is to build a high-quality backlink without incurring a high cost. It helps to improve Google Pr and Alexa rank. It is important to ensure that the websites through which you create backlinks are high quality, and it should be relevant to your niche.

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Advantages of Article Submission on Free Article Submissions Sites

Article submission is one of the most preferred techniques executed by companies and businesses to increase the visibility of their websites. Bloggers and entrepreneurs also tend to make use of article submission sites to increase their blogs' visibility. Submitting an article on such websites can help improve your blog’s ranking on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. The abundance of such sites is only going to increase in the future, and hence, you will have a considerable article submission site list to choose from.

The Most Popular Article Submission Sites List

Article submission helps boost search traffic, kicks off leads and sales, and improves the online credibility of the business. Site submission is a good way to achieve high quality of backlinks and is so a good SEO strategy. Let us have a look at some of the most popular article submission sites list for you right away-

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Other Article Submission Sites

Above of all article publishing sites are working properly. Feel free to comment with us if you have any doubt or query. You can subscribe for regular update about technology news and tips via RSS Feed. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Back to the page you came [link] for help in developing your own tech tools and other t...

Article Submission Sites with Instant approval

Various article submission sites in India are available with the feature of instant approval. Instant approval speeds-up the process of article submission by removing the long wait that individuals are subjected to after submitting their content. Article submission is a great way to promote your services and therefore you should invest in a good quality content especially when it comes to product marketing. Make sure your article is SEO optimized and contains proper keywords such as good keywords. These are among the 89+ article submission websites in India that can alleviate your task of writing a good article submission.

Steps to Follow After Submission & Approval of the Article

Submitting a free article on free article submission sites is a straightforward process if you keep the guidelines mentioned above. Bookmarking your backlinks using various bookmarking websites and existing social media profiles is a much-needed step. You can also get high authority backlinks by submitting their articles to high authority directory submission sites. The video submission sites have also been developed. You can convert their content into videos and submit them on such websites. It is often noticed that people usually prefer visual content to written content.


You can follow this tutorial and use these sites to build your high-quality backlinks instantly. But make sure not to build backlinks in bulk, as building a high number of backlinks can penalize your domain name in Google. The best medium to provide quality backlinks is blogging since blogs are informational and considered as a traffic magnet, and that’s why I shared a great list of 100 article submission sites in the post to make your outreach easier. You can also analyze the backlink of your competitors and replicate each one.

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At least 90% of the sites about are available! Thank you for sharing awesome list of instant approval article submission sites. Some sites don’t work at all, others – blocked new user’ registration. Thank you once again for the blog. It helps a lot. I will try to post in these articles. I’m looking for free blog submissions or articles for my website. Please share as well. The articles you submit to an article directory will contain your links within it usually in the body somewhere once and or in the resource area as well.

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Free Article Submission Sites List 2021

Article submission Sites is one of the best ways to get permanent backlinks to your website. If you submit your article on Top 10 Article Submission Sites then it plays a very important role in getting huge traffic and leads.

A real digital marketer knows the power of article submission sites. Article marketing has become important from 2017 in online marketing thus high-quality article submission plays the biggest role in off-page activities.

Even creating high-quality content and sharing them on many websites is not enough to get the required traffic and sales. You have to do other off-page activities like social bookmarking, classified submission, press release submission, directory submission, etc.

Now let me give you a little introduction to article submission.

What are Article Submission Sites?

Article submission sites are the website that lets you submit high quality, unique and informative articles.

By doing article submission for SEO, you can improve the search engine ranking of your website or blog and thus also increased organic website traffic.

Article submission Sites are available as both free and paid, but most of all sites are free.

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Benefits of Article Submission Sites for SEO

  • Getting improvement in all search engine rankings.
  • You will get high-quality permanent backlinks.
  • Huge website traffic from all over the world.
  • Helps in boosting your website’s domain authority and PageRank.
  • If you have published viral content then it helps you in getting a huge number of high-quality backlinks.

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Top Free Article Submission Sites List 2021












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