Does Donald Trump Read Beforeitsnews.com?

The last few days have seen Donald Trump add a new trick to his campaign rally repertoire. He’s taken to holding up foam-board charts with ominously downturned trend lines and cartoonish graphics of dollar bills.

Looking for a Developer for a Social Media Web App (android and Ios Native App Already Exist)

Hello, i am looking for a developer who can make a responsive web (app/website) for a social media existing app. As expand into its own plat...

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How Can I Tell?

Sometimes determining if news is fake is as simple as performing a Google search, other times you will need to do a little digging. Some fake stories may be based on a grain of truth, or based on a misunderstanding.

Are Other News Sites Reporting on the Story?

Chances are, if the majority of other news sites are reporting on the same story, it’s at least partially true. Read multiple stories on the same subject to see what sources are being used and where the differences lie.

Before Its News: Cahs Researcher Cited in Website Articl

February 03 – Be sure to read this article featuring one of our CAHS Research Scientist, Aruna Weerasooriya, Ph.D., as he weighs in on the treatment of baby carrots.

Fema Warning! Get Off the Coast! Calif Under Earthquake Threatens! This Event Will Hit the Entire West Coast, Change the History of America

“Looking at old earthquakes in general is really a good way to figure out what faults are capable of doing,” said Julian Lozos, assistant professor of geophysics, California State University, Northridge, who conducted the research.



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