Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall

Back in the day, Aventura Mall had a main walkway that was called, appropriately enough, the Main Walkway. The main walkway was down an aisle of retail stores, surrounded by parking lot, right next to a post office, on the other side of Route 112, near the Peterbilts.



Aventura Mall, the second-largest mall in America (by square footage) and the largest mall in Florida, sought out Roar Media in the middle of a rebranding process. Having relied heavily on traditional media in the past as a means of revenue and advertisement, they looked to Roar to develop a new digital marketing framework to support their digital transformation. Having recently completed a 315,000 square foot expansion to its footprint, the stakes were higher than ever to deliver sufficient foot traffic for the new retailers and restaurateurs to come.

Roar Media put in place a 360-degree digital marketing program, designed to reach consumers at crucial touchpoints and tell the new story of who Aventura Mall was, and what it offered. By identifying channels in which to create consumer awareness, generate engagement and drive foot traffic, Roar Media created a digital consumer marketing funnel that would move consumers from awareness to engagement to the end goal: a mall visit. By employing best-in-class digital practices and partnering with cutting edge vendors such as the Google Marketing Platform, IHeartRadio, GroundTruth, Yelp! And TripAdvisor, the mall was able to realize its digital marketing goals. Roar Media has helped us leverage social media and digital advertising in new and exciting ways to promote Aventura Mall and our retailers. From strategic planning, paid social and digital advertising, their efforts result in impactful and measurable outcomes. They have helped us create and execute a performative social/digital advertising framework based on data insights, industry trends, and advanced media strategies and tactics. Their omni-channel media approach has measurably resulted in driving our KPIs and marketing performance. (Source: roarmedia.com)


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