Overall, AutoTempest provides a highly reliable product. One that makes researching and buying automobiles easier than ever. However, there are a few things about the search engine you should know before getting started.


AutoTempest is an aggregator of online classified advertisements specifically for cars, that searches craigslist, eBay Motors, AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, , and others. Created in 2007, AutoTempest started out as Hank's Helper, an offshoot of SearchTempest (Craig's Helper at the time) as a way of providing a specialized experience for all the used car shoppers visiting SearchTempest. Eventually the name was changed to AutoTempest and received a major redesign in 2011 that has led to a steady increase in popularity. A consolidated car-search experience: Everyone wants an easy and enjoyable car-buying experience, and that starts during the search for your new car. AutoTempest prevents you from having to bounce around to multiple sites to see all the listings the different car sites have to offer. (Source:

Limited results. While it claims to be able to provide results from a number of popular car finder websites, there were some websites that AutoTempest.com was forced to send us to because they weren’t legally allowed to show results on their own website. This comes with being a start-up though and we expect this may change later on. (Source: www.compare.com)


We aggregate millions of listings from dealers and private sellers, showing all the results for your search from each of our listings partners. We also generate comparison links for the remaining large sites we don't yet have partnerships with. Our goal is to capture all the results in single search, to save you time and help you find your ideal next car.

Websites like AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, and CarsDirect.com (read our CarsDirect.com review) are essentially car finders. You can “buy” through them, but not as directly as a purchase through websites like Carvana (read our Carvana review). These car finder sites locate cars for you but then refer you to a dealership to make the actual sale. AutoTempest is similar to other sites that locate cars online, but with one big difference: you put in your information once and search all of the major car search websites. It’s a metasearch for cars. (Source: www.compare.com)



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