Atlantic financial

Atlantic financial

Atlantic financial

Jerome Kramer, co-owner and CMO of Atlantic Financial, is a risk manager by profession and a sharp-minded marketer by trade.


Whether you’re looking to save, borrow, spend, or manage money, you can rely on Atlantic Financial for all your banking needs.

Atlantic Financial analyzes emerging opportunities like blockchain technology and exercises its vast network of industry connections and experience to maximize its clients' success and enhance their market vision. Using several strategies, including the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory method and a mix of over... (Source: atlanticfinancial.com)atlanticfinancial.com))One of the first full-service investment firms to embrace the internet, Atlantic Financial was borne of a pioneering spirit. Today, it continues to explore emerging markets and technological frontiers with a vigor and a discipline unparalleled in its industry. Atlantic Financial has been there for its clients through boom and... (Source:

Atlantic Financial offers the benefits of both the large infrastructure and support of international industry leaders and the one-on-one customer service and specialization you would expect from a specialist boutique. We also focus on the big picture issues across the changing landscape of the global economy and how they affect... (Source: atlanticfinancial.com What Are College 529 Plans? 529 college savings plans are one of the most important financial and tax developments since the creation of the 401k plan. Section 529 college plans are a tax deferred method of making contributions for college. These plans offer numerous benefits to those who invest and are not just for parents (Source:atlanticfinancial.com))

Atlantic Financial is not tied to any one fund company. This enables us to provide something that many brokerage firms, banks and fund companies cannot: Objectivity. We help investors select monitor and evaluate mutual funds. Atlantic Financial can provide selection advice, analysis, tools and financial planning for over 18,000 mutual funds including: Fidelity, Putnam, Janus, (Source: atlanticfinancial.com)

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