Annalise Keating:

Annalise Keating:

Annalise Keating:

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After getting Frank released, Sam manages to convince Annalise to hire Frank Delfino to be part of her firm, although the latter accepts reluctantly. Months later, around September 2005, Annalise only has around a month left of her pregnancy. Among the Keating 4 is Bonnie Winterbottom, who seems to be the one who listens most and makes things better. One day, Annalise suffered from back pains from carrying the baby and Bonnie assisted her with the pain. One of the directors of Middleton University manages to convince Annalise to take the Mahoney Case, a millionaire family made up of Wallace Mahoney, the father and owner of the company "Mahoney Hedge Management"; His wife Sylvia Mahoney; And their son, Charles Mahoney, who is accused of murdering his fiancee Vicky. Annalise then flew to Cleveland, Ohio for the case. Once there she talks to Wallace who encourages her to talk to Rose Edmond and encourage her to come forward as Charles' alibi for the night that Vicky was murdered in the trial.

Annalise Keating first meets her students on their first day of law school on September 2014, during her Criminal Law 101 class. After welcoming them to the class, she asks them facts on a case called "The Aspirin Assassin". During this she gets to know Connor, Asher, Michaela, Wes and Laurel. She reveals to the class that the case is one she's working on now, so takes the students to see Gina Sadowski, the defendant. As a challenge, Annalise tasks the students to come up with a defense for the case, promising the winners a job in her firm. After hearing all the students ideas, she decides to take a select few to the court hearings. During the first sessions, Annalise questions Linda Tanner, the assistant of the victim. With help from Michaela, who found some vital information, she's able to discredit her testimony. That night, Annalise prepares to have sex with detective Nate Lahey in her office, but she's caught by Wes who came with a suggestion for the trial. In the next court session, Annalise is able to point the blame onto someone else with help from Connor, who obtained an email that incriminates another colleague, Lionel Bryant. Annalise attends a formal party that night with her husband, Sam Keating. She confronts Wes, who promises not to tell, and she explains that her marriage is strained because of baby troubles. When Annalise returns to the office with her husband, she's unaware of the jealous looks Bonnie gives when she kisses her husband. The next day in court, incriminating evidence is shown against Gina on a tape, putting their position in danger. Annalise scolds Gina for not telling them she bought aspirin and in a last ditch effort, she brings her love Nate into court and forces him to lie about videotapes being forged with. This finally allows them to win their case and Gina walks free...although guilty. Back in class, Annalise reveals the winners of the competition and the ones who'll work at her firm: Connor, Michaela, Asher, Laurel and Wes. Wes questions the legitimacy of him winning, but she insists she liked his idea when he presented it. That night, when missing girl Lila Stangard's dead body is found, Annalise comforts her husband as she was one of his students. She then finishes by commenting that she bets the boyfriend did it. (Source: howtogetawaywithmurder.fandom.com)



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