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Ai 5 Resumo

O leitor diria que uma página tem gabarito para aula. Você já disse que isso não é verdade. Você possui uma página de um website de curso de Português. Isso é o seu gabarito de entrada. Uma página na qual o leitor pode entrar e ver aquilo que é possível ler.É um website que contém diferentes conteúdos para te ensinar a aprender o idioma português.



the five technical documents reviewed recommend that the CSD cleaning area should have a negative differential ambient air pressure, but scientific articles on the impact of this intervention were not found. The four articles included talked about aerosols formed after the use of a ultrasonic cleaner (an increased in the contamination especially during use) and pressurized water jet (formation of smaller aerosols 5μm). In a study, the aerosols formed from contaminated the hot tap water with Legionella pneumophila were evaluated.

Initially, to search for scientific articles, consultations were held on portal descriptors encyclopedias (MeSH - Medical Subject Headings do PUBMED) and ("CINAHL Titles" - Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature), to identify descriptors related to the inclusion criteria. However, to ensure access to all potentially eligible studies, keywords were also used. Therefore, the following descriptors were selected: equipment and supplies; health personnel; ventilation; air pressure; aerosols; atmospheric pressure. And the keywords: devices; health worker; negative pressure; HVAC system (heating ventilation and air conditioning); bioaerosol; airborne; droplet; droplet nuclei. (Ventilation systems and air conditioning in various establishments promote comfort, and are useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases transmitted via aerosols. The use of these systems in health services (HS) requires special attention. The basic differences stem from the need to restrict the dispersion of air within an environment to adjacent areas; the specific requirements for ventilation and filtration aiming to dilute and eliminate contamination; the different requirements of temperature and humidity for each area; and sophistication that is demanded for the project (Source: www.scielo.br)



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