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Activerain Guest Post: Content

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In this guest post, Activerain reflects on the good and bad things about the recent changes to the Act 1017 law. The post discusses the potential for a venture capitalist to see a YC or a LP. As a risky investment opportunity and how a small member-based company may now have a hard time being funded. Act 1017 affected the way a company is described.

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In Activerain’s Guest Post submission process, authors are asked to supply a brief bio, a link to their work. And their proposed article topic idea before providing a word limit. In this article, we discuss the guest post submission process in detail. And provide some insights on how to better your guest post submission before submitting your article.

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It's important to be professional at all times. To be anything less than professional in your endeavors could be detrimental to the efforts you take to succeed. Not only will you be more likely to fail, but others might sense this lack of professionalism. Or worse yet, use that unknown to their advantage by taking advantage of your shortcomings, especially when the stakes are high. Fortunately, it's never too late to learn to be more critique.

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Do-Follow Backlink

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A declarative lead uses a short, bold statement to draw readers into your content. This statement may only be tangentially related to your blog subject, but it should be interesting enough to get people to keep reading. Here is a successful declarative lead employed in one of our ActiveRain blogs. (Source: realtyna.com)

Build Your Real Estate Home

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can build your dream home that you've dreamed about? That's no problem at all, there are countless options that are more affordable than you'd think. Below are some tips for building your dream home.

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Real Estate

There are numerous reasons why people choose to invest their money into real estate. Here we list just some of the main reasons: it provides a passive income, real estate offers a high ROI, and, “the key," or the money made, is just a fraction of the time and work it takes to invest in other types of investments. Of course, investing in real estate has its downsides, such as the high costs, risk of fluctuations, and vulnerability to potential disasters.

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Search and Write

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If you are ready to take your real estate business to the next level, this is your next step. Searching for the right keyword, writing your content, creating your URL. Creating your meta description, enforcing someone else's content, are all essential steps to promoting your content.

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