About Ciara and her future

About Ciara and her future

ciara and future


Learning to love herself all the way. After feeling a captivity, ciara is finding the freedom she deserves: learning to love and trust herself so she can finally let love in. Beyond the physical pain, she's learning to love herself completely, not just the parts made out to be beautiful. Her brand new raver radiance is her electric charge and her message as she drops it: challenge yourself, free yourself, love yourself.

In some cases, infidelity leads to couples splitting up. In the case of Ciara and Future, it seems that may have been why they split. There were rumors that Future was unfaithful to his then fiancé, and shortly after they called off their engagement. While this was five years ago, Ciara still remembers how difficult their separation was. (Source:www.cheatsheet.com)


Ciara Cameron is one of the busiest people in the whole world. Between acting and singing, her days are packed with appointments, meetings, and activities.

Ciara and Future, however, enjoyed only a short time of happily engaged bliss before they were, first, working on their relationship and, shortly afterward, everything went to hell. Still, Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, didn't immediately come out on the attack. (Source: www.eonline.com)


Ciara is one of the most famous singers that has been around for quite a few years now. She first rose to fame after beating Beyonces for the 2007 Brit Awards. She has released many albums such as 'Goodies' in 2007 and 'One Woman Army' in 2014 which both charted in the top ten of the US club charts. Ciara has collaborated with numerous artists such as Missy Elliott and Justin Bieber as well as a variety of Latin artists.

She explained: ‘It was different. I never had that feeling in my life. It was just like, it was calm… It’s a different level of love… (Source: metro.co.uk)


Ciara with go from style icon to mogul and gives. Her years of knowledge to her daughter in the hopes of seeing her live the life she dreamt of. Ciara trusts that her daughter with have the strength and courage to live however she is able to live. However, with pressure from her mother and living in the spotlight, future might not get the best outcome.

“I’m not for the publicity stunts,” he said. “Leave my son out of the publicity stunts. Just leave him out of your relationship.” (Source: people.com)


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