150+ sites to guest post in 2017

150+ sites to guest post in 2017

150+ sites to guest post in 2017



Are you a social media and internet marketing expert, or do you want to learn the ropes? Guest posts are a great way to connect with potential customers or readers, and to generate a passive income. No need to write complex articles or blog posts that only the professional writers can do! All you need is a good internet marketing strategy, social media presence. And guest posting expertise, and you have yourself a steady stream of content to share.

Most of the guest bloggers intend to write for getting backlinks. To do this right, you would need to take care of few things. To publish your post on high authority sites, you would have to write high quality content. Otherwise, targeting multiple less authority sites would be the goal. (Source: www.advancedwebranking.com)

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The key to making a good blog post is quality. If you have a decent hook for your project and will provide quality content, you’ll get your article accepted to all of the sites. Keep in mind that there are pay-to-play sites as well as free sites. So you’ll need to look at each one individually, especially viewing them from your article’s niche. Your hook and niche should help you decide which sites to submit to.

Spammy approaches are not good for blogs. All of these methods have made Google tighten their guidelines. Instead of posting low-quality content to Google, create high-quality content which is informative and relevant for their audience. (Source: digital-advertisers.com)



Guest posting is a great way to make yourself a brand, build relationships. And get your company’s name out there in a very effective manner. Depending on the site that you want to post on. The content that you create for the post could grow into a long-term partnership or content article. Guest posting allows you to build your platform and grow your audience. Even if you only earn $0.

Posting Guidelines: Guest Blogger Guidelines How to Submit: Email muehlein@the-dma.org with your post of 250-800 words in a Word doc attachment. Please make sure to include a headline and a byline Email muehlein@the-dma.org. (Source: dragonflydm.com)


Guest posting is a great way to increase your online visibility, earn a side income, and build your email database. With minimal costs involved and a minimal time commitment, guest posting is a great idea for bloggers. With a low barrier to entry and a booming demand, it only makes sense to jump in. With the vast amount of guest posting opportunities available, you’re at the mercy of your own work, but be prepared to work.


We’re always on the lookout for new writers, photographers and videographers who share a passion for the world, culture, people, adventure and travel. We are particularly interested in strong photo and video content, stories that evoke a strong sense of place. Or thoughtfulness, stories that offer insider tips and useful information for how to travel to a destination. As well as a polished and distinctive writing style. Email all pitches to Editor-in-Chief Nicola Brown at info@anewtraveller.com with subject line “Pitch:” followed by a brief description of your idea. (Source: www.birdsofafeatherpress.com)


Guest posting is one of the quickest ways to build your brand.

Hiking guides-we need posts on hikes in specific destinations. Try to provide a personal experience, and you must be a hiker in this case. (Source: www.birdsofafeatherpress.com)


Niche sites are going to get the best writers.

Google may see this sort of behavior as suspicious, and since the new update to the Penguin algorithm. It might not take such links into account when ranking your website. Or it might even exclude your website from search results due to spam. So, try and only provide guest posts to your own, or similar, niches. (Source: www.buzzstream.com)


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