Xxxtentacion Tattoos

Xxxtentacion Tattoos


XXXTentacion, 20, who was born and brought up in Plantation, Florida, discharged his introduction collection in August 2017. Born Jahseh Onfroy, he has a bunch of small, quickly considered face tattoos the words “Terrible VIBES” tattoos are composed over his eyelids, a messed up heart tattoo is scribbled under his left eye, “numb” is in cursive underneath the other — and another, bigger one of an elephant on his neck. You may perceive these (alongside a couple of others) tattoos, his ashen skin, and tufts of fluffy turns on his head — half blanched, half not — from his mugshot.

Xxxtentacion Tattoos – Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

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Xxxtentacion Tattoos Art Prints

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20-Year-Old Youtuber Calls Out Tattoo Artist Who Refused an Xxxtentacion Tatto

XXXTentacion fan calls tattoo artist "clueless" and "disrespectful" for refusing this tattoo

However, throughout his career, XXXTentacion was deemed the "most controversial man in rap" following the alleged aggravated battery of his pregnant girlfriend and his domestic abuse charges were only dropped after his death in 2018. This case caused many people to be wary of the rapper's values and it's logical why an artist would refuse a tattoo associated with him.

However, despite what Haller may think about this artist and others who don't agree with supporting XXXTentacion, it's fully within the right of an artist to refuse a tattoo—for any reason. For the most part, an artist tries to have the client's best interest in mind and they'll make their decision accordingly. Additionally, it is very reasonable for an artist to refuse to have their name attached to a person or design because in some part the tattoo is a reflection of them. And in those circumstances where a client is refused a tattoo by an artist, in many cases, there will be someone out there willing to do it. Just because an artist refuses to do a tattoo, that doesn't mean the client can't get it done, they just need to find an artist down for the job. Lastly, if a client finds themselves repeatedly turned down by artists for a tattoo idea, maybe they should take some time to reflect on what they want and realize that it might not be in their best interest to have this idea permanently inked on their body. "thou doth protest too much," am I right? (Source: www.inkedmag.com)


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