Worst Tattoos:

Worst Tattoos:


Watch America's Worst Tattoos Season 1

AMERICA'S WORST TATTOOS features some of the most awful, hilarious, grammatically-incorrect and just plain weird tattoos the country has ever seen. Working with famous ink artists, a few lucky participants will be chosen to transform their interesting – or regrettable – works of art into tattoo masterpieces. Viewers can show their support and vote for their favorite contestants and tattoo artists and may choose the winner by using the new and easy-to-use

Worst Tattoos of All Tim

The enjoyment of bad tattoos is one of my guilty pleasures in life. I love to watch these people who thought it was a good idea to "express themselves" in ink. I love how we all cheer when we see a fantastic tattoo fail. Watching ugly, sloppy ink fail to cover the skin is a lot of fun.

People Who Got the Worst Tattoos Ever

You’re about to see the worst tattoos ever! However you feel about tattoos, they’ve been around for a long, long time. Some people put a lot of thought and effort into tattoos while some get the first tattoo that comes to mind.

Mandala and Geometric Designs Can Be Flattering and Colorful Pieces

Ashkon, an artist for Club Tattoo at Miracle Miles Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada, told Insider that he thinks ink designs that use mandala patterns are fun to give and look great. Tattoo artists are using more geometric designs. Geometric tattoo designs are generally simple, highly detailed designs that are appealing, colorful, and appealing to society's current fashion trends. An example of a geometric design is a circle with a dot inside it.

Tattooed Winged Eyeliner Often Doesn't Stand the Test of Time

Tattooed makeup, also known as permanent makeup, is often requested by people looking to spend less time on their beauty routine or wanting to enhance certain facial features. (Source: www.insider.com)


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