Word Tattoos:

Word Tattoos:


40 Tiny One Word Tattoos by Nyc Artist Jon Bo

It’s not very often that tattoo artists are recognized for their smaller works. Most artists make their slow ascent to the top of the industry with their large scale detailed works that shock and awe the masses. However, NYC transplant Jon Boy has managed to do just that with his coveted tiny tats that usually only take a few minutes to complete.

The Word "tattoo" in Example Sentence

1093981 Tom got a tattoo. CK 1 3327431 Can I get a tattoo? CK 1 953190 Do you have a tattoo? CK 1 2276026 I don't have a tattoo. CK 1 953196 Do you have any tattoos? CK 1 3130131 Do you like Tom's tattoo? Hybrid 1 3130132 Do you like Tom's tattoos? Hybrid 1 2329598 I got a new tattoo last week. CK 1 2916643 I had to get my tattoo removed. Hybrid 1 1867802 Tom wanted Mary to get a tattoo. CK 1 1537056 Tom wants to be a tattoo artist. Spamster 1 2540860 I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. CK 1 1025453 Tom has a tattoo on his left arm. CK 1 1868267 Tom has tattoos all over his body. CK 1 1093880 Tom had a heart tattooed on his arm. CK 1 1868374 Tom didn't want Mary to get a tattoo. CK 1 2026466 Tom wants to get a tattoo on his chest. CK 1 1040629 Tom had an eagle tattooed on his right arm. CK 1 2389499 I noticed that Tom had a small tattoo on his right foot. CK 1 1103176 Tom put a Band-Aid over his small tattoo of a spider so he would be allowed into a Japanese hot spring. CK 1 1655603 I just got my first tattoo. Spamster 2821432 Tom showed Mary his tattoo. CK 1774051 He works at a tattoo parlor. Spamster 3120813 Tom has tattoos on his arms. Hybrid 3264737 Tom showed Mary his new tattoo. CK 3123499 Would you like to see my tattoo? CK 3010176 Do you regret getting that tattoo? Hybrid 3227217 Getting a tattoo is a stupid idea. CK 2711926 Getting a tattoo is a stupid idea. CK 2958142 Tom showed Mary the tattoo on his arm. CK 954689 Would you ever consider getting a tattoo? CK 543551 She has a tattoo of a lizard on her thigh. darinmex 2538172 Tom noticed Mary had a tattoo on her ankle. CK 2955757 Tom and Mary decided to get the same tattoo. CK 3130104 Tom got his girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm. Hybrid 3023386 Tom regretted getting that tattoo, so he had it removed. CK 1389661 Mary's parents disapproved of her decision to get tattooed. Spamster 3221422 I told Tom that getting a tattoo would be a stupid thing to do. CK 3130178 Tom got his girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm, but then she left him. Hybrid 1389649 Mary and Tom were shocked when they saw Oliver come back with his first tattoo. Spamster 1103171 Did you know that in Japan, if you have a tattoo, you won't be allowed to bathe in many of the hot spring resorts? CK

Typing Word Game - Click "play Now" to Start!

I used to think that diamonds were a girl's best friend, but now I realize it is carbohydrates. Seriously, I have a French baguette at home sporting a matching friendship bracelet.

Ink That Speaks Volumes: Word Tattoos – Self Tattoo

The great thing about one-word tattoos is that you have millions to choose from, and we all know a huge number of them. Most people choose a word that has some kind of uplifting meaning and has special relevance in their life.

34 of the Best Word Tattoos You'll Ever See ...

Sometimes a word is better than an image when you want to convey a specific feeling or meaning. When it comes to getting inked, you want to make sure you choose something you can live with for the rest of your life. If you want something simple, but meaningful, a saying or special word is definitely the way to go. Here's all the proof you need.

A Guide to Your First Tattoo, According to Pro

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