Wings Tattoo:

Wings Tattoo:


Wings Tattoo:

15 Attractive Wings Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The style of tattoo includes a variety of designs in it. The tattoo can be stained in various designs and structures. Ever thought of having a unique tattoo? The wings tattoo is the one. Wings tattoo can be of different types and they usually vary in size, shape, texture and color. Wings symbol depicts our feeling of freedom in this world. This shows that the person is free from all clutches and can go anywhere in this world without any boundaries. Wings tattoos can be made in large sizes all over the back portion or in the front part of the body or on the muscles (for muscular people). Girls can have tiny and cute ones on their hands or back.

Best Wings Tattoo Designs:

As the name suggests wings can be of smaller size to medium to larger ones and they can be of different shapes. Inking of wings tattoo depends on the mannerism of the person. Before inking decide on what type of wing tattoo because it defines your character and every wings tattoo is unique in its own way. Hence make a definite clear sketch with colorings (if interested) of the wings symbol that you want to ink on. Find out some of the exclusive wings tattoos that can be inked.

Wings With Love Quotes Tattoo:

If you like to add special quotes along with the wings designed tattoo, it’s the best option. Tattoos with some romantic message engraved inside them are the recent trend among men and women. Designs are being done with a special touch up of a quote. You can add love quotes, special words or character to enhance the beauty of the tattoo so that it looks attractive. Here, words inked in between the winged are “Love is how you stay alive even after you are gone.” It is being inked on the back of the lady. In this design, the wings are in relaxing mode showing it’s being fallen. This is one of the best wings tattoo designs for romantic people. If you want to express your feelings to your partner surprise him/her with such a tattoo which makes them a great surprise. (Source:

Mehndi Designed Wings Tattoo:

This mehndi designed winged tattoo is an artistic expression forming two wings on the upper portion of your back. If you opt to look sexy and inventive then try this permanent tattoo. This designed tattoo is really unique from the so-called wings tattoo. Intricate innovative designs are made by circular patterns and block designs. This design is a mixture of designs and various mehndi designs are available to form different patterns. This sexy mehndi designed tattoo is one of the innovatively designed tattoos for women.

Diamond With Wings Tattoo:

This is one of the beautiful tattoos mentioned in this article. The diamond is being transported with the help of the wings. Loved ones can ink it on their body to say that someday the diamond will be brought to you with the help of my wings. The design of the diamond in the centre is stealing the show of this tattoo.


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