Virgin Mary Tattoo

Virgin Mary Tattoo

Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you a religious person? If so, you will enjoy the Virgin Mary tattoo designs. This style of tattoo is pretty popular, and is a symbol of traditional faith, a spiritual message, as well as the love that you have towards Jesus Christ and the Hail Mary prayer! So, want a Hail Mary prayer tattoo, or a Mary Magdalene tattoo? Browse through the best 11 religious tattoos designs.

What Does Virgin Mary Tattoo Mean?

In the Christian religion, you’ve got God and Jesus. Outside of that, there isn’t a more important symbol to those that believe than the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is a symbol that has been kept around the house, worn around the neck or tattooed for years. Her story is one of legend and her image symbolizes a great deal. For those that enjoy religious tattoos, the Virgin Mary tattoo is one that seems to be towards the top of the list. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)

75 Inspiring Virgin Mary Tattoos Ideas & Meaning

The mother of Jesus Christ is commonly referred to as Mary, Mother of God, Mother Mary, Saint Mary, and the Virgin Mary. She is the symbol of purity and motherly affection. Men and women look up to her in times of despair and sadness, and she always comes forward as a source of comfort, restoring faith and happiness in her believers. People get Virgin Mary tattoos to show their dedication to religion and feel her comforting presence on their bodies. Decorating our body with religious tattoos is an external sign of who we are and an inspiration to others.

55 Lovely Virgin Mary Tattoo Idea

The Virgin Mary is a popular depiction of Christian figure Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus was born through her from immaculate conception, meaning that she was still a virgin when she became pregnant with him. She has been venerated since early Christianity and she is considered one of the most commendable saints in history, and it is said that upon her death, she ascended directly into heaven.

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Colourfull and intricate drawing of hte legendary Unicorn on a decorative flames and plants ornament with a motivation motto. Colourfull and intricate drawing of hte legendary Unicorn on a decorative flames and plants ornament with a motivation motto. Vintage logo. EPS10 vector illustration virgin mary tattoo stock illustrations

What Are the Symbolic Meanings of Virgin Mary Tattoos?

Inspired by icons and paintings in churches, Virgin Mary tattoos reflect the Christian faith. In the Bible, Mary became miraculously pregnant by means of the holy spirit and gave birth to Christ while she was a virgin. Some Christians worship her as the mother of Christ, while others believe that she’s more depicted in the Scriptures as a follower of Jesus, and only chosen to give birth to him. (Source: www.lookslikecandy.com)



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