Turn your Tattoo Tips, Photos, or Portfolios into Online Revenue

Turn your Tattoo Tips, Photos, or Portfolios into Online Revenue

Establish a new salary for yourself as a tattoo artist here with Future Starr! Being a Tattoo artist takes hard work. It takes imagination and creativity when designing a tattoo. It is a tough and competitive business, especially when it comes to building a local clientele to support your hard work in the field of tattoo designs. Here at Future Starr, we understand Tattoo Artist's takes their work very seriously. It is up to the Tattoo Artist to help the customer to create a picture of what they want before getting their tattoo. If the customer is happy, they will come and gets another tattoo. Tattoo designs are very special because it speaks about individual’s personality. There are different types of content represented by different tattoo artists. Creative tattoo designs are all determined by the vision of the artist.

 You can also become a tattoo designer by taking classes learning how to make a tattoo. However, there are not as many classes that teach how to earn a living from your tattoo work. Our Talent Marketplace helps tattoo artists expand their business endeavors. If you are a novice Tattoo Artist looking to expand your business, you have the option to run your tattoo business offline by working inside a local shop. Because of technology, tattoo artist has the option to sell their artwork online without working at their local shop. You can start by creating your first tattoo online store on Future Starr’s site selling your best tattoo art designs in digital format, for example, videos, pdf, mp3, word doc, etc. The average tattoo artist salary fluctuates anywhere from 30k up to 100k which is not always consistent. Future Starr is here to help add value to your business by creating a platform to help expand your artwork and be visible to users nationwide and globally.

Setup and Sell your Tattoo Art Gallery

Create a free account and start selling your Tattoo Art to our pool of buyers online who is searching for new creative Tattoos and in search of getting a tattoo. Whether it is a one tattoo sleeve idea, one tattoo on the chest, one tattoo of a wolf, one tattoo of a dragon, etc. Use our platform to upload some of your best tattoo work and set the price that you believe it is truly worth. With Future Starr, you as a tattoo maker have the flexibility to work from home getting your content and artwork as much exposure as needed to help generate sales info. The internet has over a billion tattoo artists online. We are here to help make sure your product is in front of a percentage of this market. There are many resources online tattoo artists can get new ideas for their next tattoos; However, there are not many platforms for artist that allow users to communicate with subject matter experts to get advice from artists or answers for any questions the user may have. With our platform and your profile, you can get your first tattoo image, video, or word doc., and be the subject matter expert where buyers can communicate and purchase using our live chat feature. Buyers may research artist info and have questions about your art. Your tattoo artist info should professional advice that buyers are in search for. We leave it up to the seller’s expertise to provide buyers a good customer experience.

Tattoo Artist:

Visit our Talent Mall section to browse about tattoo artists and search for new tattoo ideas, consultation on your first tattoo, or the latest styles and tattoos trends. We have all the genre of passionate tattoo artists you can connect. Our live chat feature allows buyers to chat directly with sellers. Sign up with Future Starr and get the answers and positive experience that no other platform can offer.

Offer New Tattoo Artist Tips

If you are a certified licensed tattoo artist, professional tattoo art designer, or trained tattoo artist: Your value creates all the unlimited opportunities to create new assets by selling knowledge, tips, and expertise to individuals who is eager to improve on their art skills and body art. Post for sale your latest video tutorials, teaching individuals how to become a better artist on Future Starr’s platform.

Potential Sales:

See how many sales you can potentially earn every minute, hour, day, month, and annually. Our tattoo network with Future Starr is on the rise of tattoo artists who is determined to build and improve their art along with wanting to raise a reputable platform from their artwork. Future Starr is your ultimate destination. Here we would all facilitate your first steps in your journey towards success.

Future Starr & Tattoo Artists:

Future Starr helps tattoo artists, studios, and conventions go digital and operate more efficiently. Future Starr is a one-stop destination for art and lifestyle. We provide artists with the opportunity to get connected with new clients as well as help them to find new ideas by linking them up with another artist for their business growth.

Revolutionize Your Tattoo Space

Through Future Starr, you can get connected with reputable tattoo artists, and purchase from the latest portfolios easily. Future Starr is creating digital entrepreneurs around the world. Our global platform will help establish you a new financial future as well as make you accessible to a new global audience.

Let Your Talent All HangOut

Upload your curated art galleries, articles, photos, tattoo art, client reviews, artists’ recommendations, and tattoo videos. Let the world know that new tattoo art is much higher than ink on the skin. Let your customers appreciate and share your tattoo art. If you are customer, talk with your artist on the phone and set an appointment’ to ask questions if you have any.

One client and Tattoo Appointment procedure

You want an aesthetic tattoo on your body? A tattoo that is in high demand that everyone wants, can bring a tattoo artist a lot of business. That is right! Keep in mind that when you are going to have your first tattoo you must be aware of the appointment procedure of getting your first tattoo. The tattoo designer/ tattoo artist will give you a tattoo portfolio for getting your first tattoo. Most experienced blog creators have written content about getting their own first tattoo.

Tattoo Experience:

A tattoo expert is the main artist who carves tattoos on customer’s body. Tattoo names are the first tattoo that customers get from an artist. Get your first tattoo, maybe start with your name. Go to a tattoo parlor profile of the top artists who have tattoos on their body which creative body art. Tattoo shops can be found easily.


Local Tattoo:

If you want to find any local tattoo shop you can always search the internet and get the right tattoo on your skin. Most tattoos are in demand and can be available only by the appointment. However, it’s hard to speak directly with the tattoo artist online or even find a unique tattoo art. That’s where Future Starr can help assist.

Tattoo Design and your Skin:

People have many tattoos, but they do not know who the best tattoo artist will be because of the persons skin condition and how much time the tattoo will take in the healing process. The healing process in carving tattoo is about pain tolerance. More info about tattoo artists and skin incidents is available on the internet. The tattoo can only be done from a tattoo shop. unauthorized tattoo artists must be banned.

First Time Tattoo:

If you have a tattoo for the first time or have a new tattoo recently, you should know that you are going to have this on your skin for the rest of your life. You may need to interact with a tattoo shop owner for an appointment and consultation. Tattoo attracts people! Many people go to the tattoo shop with their own tattoo. Get your tattoo and let it be a part of your body for the rest of your life.

 Tattoo Artist Values:

Tattoos are a luxury item; they are something you save for – not something you haggle for. On top of that, each piece is custom created by an artist who has trained extensively to hone their craft, and no one deserves to have their artwork undervalued. If it’s not in your budget today to get a tattoo, remember it is on your body for life, so take the time to save up for it.

How much do you tip a tattoo artist?

What can I take before a tattoo to ease the pain?

You need to keep several insights in your head before you have decided to have a tattoo design on your body/skin. Your skin is your property. Take with you the best ideas for tattoo designs something that is unique because it will be a part of your body. Make sure you check with a doctor before taking anything before getting a tattoo. Again, research before you get a tattoo.

People and Skin Tone:

People do not know about their skin tone. Consider your skin tone and wear old clothes while going to the tattoo shop. Schedule an appointment first. Take your tattoo along with you. Ask some of your friends for more ideas. Something which is unique. You need to take a bath before you have a tattoo because taking bath soothes your skin. Ask your doctor, what can I take before getting a tattoo to ease the pain?

Pain and Tattoo:

·       You should wear loose clothes.

·       Make sure your brain is ready for this decision.

·       Do not take alcohol when you go to have a tattoo.

·       Soothe your skin with moisturizer.

·       Get your tattoo on your skin without pain.

·       Talk with a doctor before taking a pain killer.

·       Listen to your favorite music.

·       Ask for breaks.

·       Go along with a friend.

What should you not do after a tattoo?

After you have made your decision of having something on your skin, you cannot undo the idea after it has done. Tattoo aftercare is very necessary. You need to take care of your tattoo after. Let your tattoo maker know about how you are feeling. Wear comfortable clothes. You cannot find this info other than on the internet.

Do not do:

      1.      Do not remove your bandage soon.

      2.       Do not clean your tattoos with hot water.

      3.       Wash tattoos with warm water.

      4.       Do not run water on your new tattoos.

      5.       Do not have a tattoo on your face.

      6.       Go to the tattoo parlor.

      7.       Never rip the tattoos bandage off.

     8.       Do not re-bandage your tattoos.

     9.       Don't go tanning after getting tattoos.

   10.   Do not pick the scabs.


How much do you tip on a $200 tattoo?

Tattooers do not necessarily expect to be tipped, but every tip is appreciated by every employer. You can tip them up to 20-$30.


Tattoo Process:

The idea of having something on your skin is very intriguing to a certain audience. You need to make a list of ideas, things that you will look forward to, how to bear the tattoo pain, and much more. You also might have different questions in your head about tattoo aftercare, let your artist know about your fear. They might have some idea how to heal your pain. Your blood sugar levels might increase during the procedure. You should update your tattoo studio if you read an article about tattoo placement UV rays or touch ups. The tattoo session might take 2-3 hours depending on the design.

First Experience:

The first experience might be tough for you. A good tattoo studio will divert your mind by some things like offering you juice, playing a movie, etc. This little experience will divert your mind, but still, if you feel uncomfortable, let your artist know. Many insist on having a design on their face, but UV rays might burn your skin. There is a different story of many who have ink on their face.

What a session is like and things to ask your artist

If you have decided to go get a tattoo on your body, all the advertisement you might be getting about designs and touch-ups is due to marketing and advertisement. A lot of people have many questions about the outcome of each tattoo session. We are here to answer your questions. A lot of people go with minimum information before making their session. For example, which ink the artist is going to use? What type of ink is perfect for your skin? Or what type of tattoo process are they going to perform? Tattoo ink comes in different types. Every shop uses different tattoo ink. Know about what type of ink you want and choose which has zero reactions. You might get an allergy by using poor-quality ink. Let your tattoo story be unique A lot of people do not get an appointment by phone.  Many people go directly to their nearest shop. You should make a phone call, and you must let your artist know about health and previous allergy stories if you have any. Make your story worth reading and an experience for people how you might need advice. Now you are a part of this story. Many products and inks are not for every skin type. All the products that are available in the market may need tattoo advice. Getting a tattoo must be a daunting task, but ask your artist about how their shop can be the best for you.

Things to ask your artist:

1.      Reach out to the artist/shop and talk about what is on their mind.

2.       Consult the artist.

3.       Talk about the design in your mind.

4.       Agree with the final design and ask for any tattoo advice from the artist.

5.       Getting your tattoo can be tough, but shop/artists will give you an overview of the final design.

6.       Getty Images is a site where you can find all the latest products, services, and designs.

All rights reserved by Future Starr. Someone with a great mindset can show you all the best products of design which you will be waiting for. If you are on the waiting list and waiting for your favorite design shop now on Future Starr’s Talent Marketplace and start purchasing from talented Tattoo Artists on our platform.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

The Design price varies from design to design.

Do not do bargaining.

You can get allergic to ink.

You must be 18+ to get one.

Make sure the Shop is disinfected and clean.

Support and Tip Your Favorite Tattoo Artist

If you are a buyer looking for a site that allows you to financially support upcoming Tattoo Artists: Join us at Future Starr. Our site allows you to support local or national Tattoos Artists by purchasing and downloading their latest artwork. If you missed the opportunity to tip your tattoo artist, now you have a new opportunity to tip your tattoo artist and purchase from their online store. You can’t go wrong with someone giving back. You can find the best tattoo artist for men’s arms or a cute small tattoo for a female. We have a pool of tattoos from talented artist waiting to earn your business. Support your favorite Tattoo Artist by creating an account with Future Starr which is free to sign up.








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