Translite Backlit Signage

Translite Backlit Signage



Translite printing is an eye-catching and efficient choice for advertising vending machines or illuminated menu boards. It also makes great nighttime exterior and interior displays.

What type of printing material is suitable depends on several factors, including the surface printing, material transparency and distance from the source.


Backlit signage is an effective way to increase visibility and make your message more noticeable. It also makes your graphic stand out from other competing signs.

Translite is a type of large-format display film used in the film and television industry. It looks similar to traditional display film but boasts the advantage of being lightweight and easy to work with.

Translite is often utilized in film and TV production as a backdrop, providing filmmakers with more creative control during production.

Flexible, durable and lightweight, plastic is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. Plus, its cost-effective nature makes it a cost-effective choice in many cases.

Translite LED panels offer a sleek and sophisticated alternative to traditional backlit boards, allowing you to showcase your key products in an impressive manner.

These LEDs require a 12.5 volt adapter, so they should not be plugged directly into the mains power source. This is to protect the LEDs from overheating or burning out.

This product is constructed with a clear acrylic base and LGP (Light Guide Pass) film on top. This ensures the light will travel evenly across all corners of your print.

The translite image is then placed beneath the acrylic sheet, creating a stunning backlit effect.

When selecting a translite, several factors should be taken into account: how the graphic is printed on the material, its translucent properties and proximity to light sources. It is essential that you take into account these details when selecting material for your application.

Translite graphics can be printed on either the front or back of a material to produce different effects. The color of the translite graphic and material's whiteness both influence illumination.

Furthermore, other factors can influence the success of a backlit graphic. For instance, tinting materials to increase contrast and how much whiteness remains after being backlit will determine its brightness level.


Translite has evolved beyond the classic outdoor type to become something truly stunning indoors. Crafted to withstand all elements without compromising image quality, these stunning displays come in various sizes and colors with custom-designed graphics that'll add some pizzazz to your game room! Best of all? These can easily mount to the wall and be removed when not needed; powered by a 12.5 volt adapter, this gadget is one of the most convenient additions you could add to your gaming collection.

No matter if you want to spruce up your living room or transform an empty corner into a gaming den, these displays are the ideal solution for both style and budget. Their modern looks and high quality construction will surely impress friends and family while making gaming that much more enjoyable. The only problem is deciding what size size is right for you!


Translites are large illuminated film backings commonly used as a backdrop for film and TV productions. Their name derives from Eastman Kodak Company's black-and-white display film produced between 1950-1979; Pacific Studios in Los Angeles was the sole manufacturer until 1979 and these backlit images remain popular today for various applications.

Translites can be an excellent way to bring a gaming or arcade environment to life. For instance, installing one in a bar or pub not only adds character and interest to the space, but it also draws customers in for some friendly competition!

Translites can also be used for art display in an innovative and captivating manner. For instance, high definition giclee prints on frosted glass material can be displayed within a custom built frame that allows you to choose from many background colors using remote control.

Translite signage can also be utilized as a way to provide information to businesses, and is commonly seen at exterior bus, train or trolley stations and rest centers where passengers cannot easily see text. This type of display works best in areas that operate at night or with changing lighting conditions and needs to capture people's attention when passing by.

Translites can also be utilized inside restaurants and fast food establishments to display pictures or menus. These can either be mounted to the wall or ceiling for a more vibrant aesthetic that will grab customers' attention.

When using a translite for this task, it is essential that the frosted glass be kept clean and dry. Doing so will avoid scratching the image and making it unreadable.

Remember to follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer and inspect your frame for cracks or other damages. Doing this can help you save money on products.

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