Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Lower-Back Tattoos Are Back, With Low-Rise Jeans and Y2k

In the last year, Austin C. Pratt-Fusari, a tattoo artist at Sacred Tattoo on Broadway, has noticed a resurgence in lower-back tattoos. Women in particular, he said, are coming in and asking for so-called “tramp stamps” again — more than they have in about a decade. (Source: www.thecut.com)

Tramp Stamps Ideas

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I Have a Tattoo on My Lower Back. Stop Calling It a “tramp Stamp.

The most personal tattoo on my body is a shadow of Peter Pan and the second star to the right, surrounded by the text, To live will be an awfully big adventure. For this tattoo, I spent two hours bent over the artist's chair at a small shop in Baltimore, squeezing my best friend's hand during the worst of those white-hot bursts of pain from the needle.

2) While Tattoos Are Becoming More Socially Acceptable, It's Still a Radical Act for Many Women to Claim the Body's Blank Canvas for Themselves

For the first time in decades, women are more likely to have tattoos than men. In 2013, 47 percent of women under 35 reported having a tattoo, compared with only 25 percent of men. And this rising demographic isn't solely due to the trendiness of tattoo culture. In her Guardian essay "Painted Ladies: Why Women Get Tattoos," Jenn Ashworth writes, "If skin is a screen, and a woman writes on it, she is telling the world (or even just herself) that her own standards of attractiveness are more important to her than the standards of anyone else who might cross her path. She is taking ownership."

Butt Will She Always?

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The "tramp Stamp" Cliché Came Out of a Fashion Era That Exposed These Tattoos Far More Than They Do Today

The term "tramp stamp" came into popularity in the late 1990s as low-rise jeans — worn at the hips rather than the natural waist — became the go-to trend for women's denim. The curious peek of a lower back tattoo seemed to make a statement to onlookers; its location and visibility suggested this woman was indiscriminately promiscuous: a tramp.

There Are Personal and Professional Reasons for Not Choosing a More Revealing Spot on the Body to Ink

If I'm completely honest, part of the reason I got a lower back tattoo is rooted in personal inhibitions. I set limits for myself based on other people's idea of what it means to be taken seriously, to be seen as normal.



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